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    Strange old world

    In the last week, I’ve had two experiences with well-meaning but grimly determined people who want to heal me with their various cure-all’s. (This is how you know something is quackery - if it cures literally everything, chances are it cures virtually nothing.)

    Yesterday, a woman I’ve known for twenty years, came round to do some traditional “healing”.
    “Do you have fire alarms in your house?” She asked, clutching a bag full of sticks and a handful of green leaves.
    “I think we’d better go outside”, I said.

    Just as well, because she lit a fire in a terracotta pot and put the leaves on the coals. As we disappeared in a vast cloud of smoke, she said, “Breathe real deep, Sharnie. I’ve seen this smoke do wonderful things.”

    “You know the fire station is just around the corner?” I spluttered, fully expecting to hear sirens at any minute.

    “Nah; don’t worry,” she said wafting smoke in my direction with my power bill. “Can you feel it?”
    “I can certainly smell it,” I replied.
    My hair, my washing, my clothes and my house still smell like the aftermath of a bushfire.
    Fortunately, the same supposed health benefits come in candle form.
    “Have you got any water?” she asked.

    The other one turned up on Friday with a batch of “home-made healing oil”.
    “It’s cannabis oil, isn’t it,” I said, after having a smell. It truly smells vile and it tastes even worse.
    “It has the good stuff in it,” she said, plonking herself down in a chair. “It fixes everything. I take it all the time.” She then told me how sore her back was, and how bad her arthritis is.
    I didn’t like to say it didn’t seem to be doing her much good. But I didn’t.
    Seriously, if people would really like to help, how about doing my laundry?

    This sounds horrid and yet your description was so vivid and entertaining I couldn't help but chuckle at the mental picture of your well meaning but kookie friends. Hang in there and I suppose remember the positive is that they care about you and are trying to help however misguided.
    He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.


      My dear son in law is still on the stem cell kick. He's determined to send me to Panama to have a treatment. I admit, the stem cell thing is probably the closest thing they have to a "cure", but I'm not jumping on the wagon just yet.

      I love him for trying to help me. But it gets frustrating when you can't make them understand the complicated disease that MS is!

      The only cure for insomnia is to get more sleep.


        Think, I love your always entertaining experiences and outlook on a not so entertaining subject. You keep me chuckling... some people are so strange and they actually believe they're helping. I really hope one day to read one of your posts like this that starts with "I can't believe it but it actually works"!
        RRMS 2005, Copaxone since 2007
        "I hope to be the person my dog thinks I am."



          It's been a while since I've checked on MSW.

          Gotta say that your post was the highlight since my return! Your "tellin"" puts me at the scene of the fire. Smiles all-around, I thank you.

          A recent post by Marco filled with compassion / understanding offered here at MSW for the new members with the old questions was another example, thanks Marco.

          Seeing some of the older names & moderators did the same!

          To all the new folks, I am sorry you are here but glad you found the site.

          The advice and maybe more importantly, the dispositions of Thinkimjob and others here will help carry all of us forward another day.