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I'm hopeful today 😊

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    I'm hopeful today 😊

    I'm 37 as of yesterday and feel hopeful and optimistic about my future 👍

    I had had a bad experience last sept (2017) and I'm thankful I'm RRMS and recovering well as I was terrified at dx flare time.

    But I'm back to my life for the most part and looking forward to spring cause cold Canadian winters are terrible. As soon as the weather season changes I'm looking forward to a lot like biking, jogging, weight training again (lighter weights) and saving alotta money this time as I'm back to working but differently depending on how my remission goes as I'm almost fully recovered but still need more time.

    when I think back I had MS for 5 or so years with subtle symptoms and only 2-4 episodes of very subtle symptoms in the 5 years.

    Im hoping for a easier course of the disease I was dx with 1 pons/brain stem lesion (bad spot/multiple sx) I started tecfidera and have very minimal side effects but I am relapse free for almost 5 months now (I know that's not long) but I'm hoping to stay relapse free till aug02 MRI and I believe tecfidera will keep me relapse free for years and my recovery can keep going 😊

    Am I being naive? Can I still truly love a pretty normal life without major disability?

    Im staying positive with these thoughts and have faith I'll be ok 👌

    Optimistic is always the way to strive to be. Naive no, sounds like things are really looking up for you and you gotta like that! Hope things continue to go well for you, you're handling things so well and that's half the battle. Keep looking up!
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      Glad to hear! I always liked "plan for the worst, expect the best". The reality is that now back at work, save for the future, whatever you can.

      Likewise, in your present home, is it somewhere you could live if you needed a walker or wheelchair. If not, can you adapt or maybe look for one floor living. That being said, hopefully, none of it is an issue until old age, when all your peers face the same.

      But if you can plan, it takes a lot of stress out of the picture for you.

      You have every reason to be optimistic. Glad to see.
      DX 01/06, currently on Tysabri


        Good for you!!
        1st sx '89 Dx '99 w/RRMS - SP since 2010
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          I honestly don't want to think that way, a wheelchair life is one I'm extremely uncomfortable with at my age 37 and being an active younger male. I have so much left to do and I like to think that yes MS can be disabling but is unlikely with the use of modern DMD's and continuous research who knows what will come down the pipeline in the next 10-20 years, maybe even a cure.

          this is where the majority of my anxiety stems from is being disabled.

          all I can do is use treatment, excersize, diet, meditation and positive attitude and live my life.