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I got my MRI results back....

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    Thank you

    Originally posted by pennstater View Post
    An MRI report that references "progression" does not meant that you are SPMS or PPMS. You can be RRMS an have progression. The distinction can only be made by your neuro and involves more than an MRI.

    Copaxone wouldn't be offered to you if SPMS or PPMS. Your neuro probably mentioned other meds approved along with Copaxone to treat RRMS.

    Hope you speak soon to your neuro. Let us know.
    Thank you!


      more info

      Another resource regarding meds and choices.

      I agree, for myself, to do meds. Along with dietary changes (I do the Whal protocol or Autoimmune Protocol group on facebook.)

      Under the medication section on the message boards. there is many posts about meds and choices.

      I like Marco's directions in this post under the medication section. It was written a while back but, the information is still applicable to all meds. It just does not list the meds.
      God Bless and have a good day, Mary