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Can Anyone Help Figure Out WHY/HOW I fell? & discuss types of falls?

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    Can Anyone Help Figure Out WHY/HOW I fell? & discuss types of falls?

    Hi Everyone

    I had a fall the other day and I am really not sure what happened.

    I got up from a nap and walked 11-12 steps. I felt fine. I got to my destination and started turning (to sit) and ended up on the floor.

    The strange thing is my one foot kind of twisted and ended up bruised on the top outer side of it. this leg was somewhat bent. The impact was on my opposite hip though. That leg was straight.

    I don't think it was a drop in blood pressure or sugar, and I didn't lose my balance. I think part of the bent leg might have been numb. It's like that whole leg just gave out.

    Is this considered footdrop?

    Anyone able to describe the various types of falls?

    Hi Candycane hope you are feeling better, no not foot drop, foot drop is when you walk your foot doesn't lift (you can't pull your foot back) so for want of a better word you drag your toes good luck, I use a cane to keep me upright Craig


      Sorry for your fall. Hope you are doing well now.

      It's hard to say what made you fall. I agree that it doesn't sound like foot drop. With foot drop you often fall forward because you trip on rug/ floor etc because your foot doesn't lift well enough to clear the floor.

      There are so many reasons for falls when you have MS. I've fallen from balance issues I have, my legs spasming, vertigo, weakness, side effects from meds that make me off balance, and legs being weak and either giving out or just not able to do what I want them to do. Could be one of those reasons or something else.

      Be careful and safe. Watch for any symptoms that could contribute to falls so you can work on preventing any more. Sometimes there's just no warning though.


        I'm not sure what made you fall but I have fallen because of drop foot and I fell forward. I have fallen several times from losing my balance and my legs collapsed one time while in a flare and both of my legs were numb.

        I hope you don't experience another fall and are able to find you answer.
        God Bless Us All


          Here's another "strange" fall ... I suppose it would be technically be called a fall because I ended up on the floor when that was not my intention.

          About a month ago I woke up and sat up to get out of the bed. I swung my legs off the bed and got my feet on the floor, feeling for my bedroom shoes. But I started going down. I was close to the bed so I tried to 'boost' myself back on it, but with no cooperation from my legs I didnt make it. So I kinda slid down the side of the bed until I was on the floor.

          No bruises. Nothing hurt - except my feelings. How dare my legs do that ! It was like my legs had turned to jello or something.

          I was, of course, wary of walking that day, but other than feeling a little weaker than normal I have not had any more problems like that.


            Hi candycane,

            We walk, turn, step around, over and around things, our bodies allow for many different positions without a problem. Unless you have MS It really isn't that uncommon to find yourself on the ground and wondering "what the heck happened."

            It could be as simple as your legs/feet didn't get the correct messages (CNS miscommunication) to maneuver the way you wanted them to. Maybe a leg/foot got "stuck" and didn't respond (CNS miscommunication).

            I have learned through the years not to take my ability to stay up right for granted. I walk slower on purpose, I try to remain aware of my walking surface and possible changes to it (higher/lower, smooth, uneven) and even where my feet are and where I am going. Way too much thinking for something that is supposed to be automatic , but necessary for me due to MS.

            One incident I had stayed with me as a very strange occurrence; I was 18 years old, stepped off a curb and down I went. I did not trip and nothing in my way. My leg simple "gave out." I was young and prone to falling so I just filed that incident away as strange and went on with my life. I was diagnosed with MS 5 years later.

            Take care, candycane
            Diagnosed 1984
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              I think that your fall was caused by the lack of your body's ability to make the instantaneous changes that are imperative to maintain balance . I have similar surprises, daily ! I am sorry that you experienced this problem ! I chalk my balance failures up to MS progression. God luck


                I appreciate all the input!

                Hi Everyone, Thank you for all of the input!

                I'm still not sure what caused it and I can see that it doesn't really matter; I just need to be extra careful and try to remember to hold on (like today, going down steps, same leg felt strange.)

                My progression is slow (thankfully) but it is still most of us here.