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Not sure if I have ms? Where to start? Lost and confused Welsh Woman..

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    Originally posted by palmtree View Post
    If the doctors see the word psychosis, everything you tell them after that will be ignored.
    I agree with palmtree.

    Ain't lost yet, so I gotta be a winner.
    - The Replacements


      You are right. I won't mention that.
      And you are right about the money sadly!
      Thankyou for all your input. It has helped me massively already.


        I started diary. I wrote down everything; emphasis on everything. Write how your day went. You have to do your activities of daily living and write down how you did doing it. Charting everything including what you ate and drank and if it went well or not. Take it to the doctor.

        Until I started keeping a diary I don't think my doctor took me seriously. I think he thought I wanted attention at home or something. I wanted to be anywhere besides home and the doctors office.

        By the time I was diagnosed with MS I was thankful that I was not losing my mind. Everyone took me seriously. From there we were able to come up with medicine and therapy to help me cope. 6 mths later I was back to work after a year.

        While being diagnosed is not something to cheer about, being treated like a hypochondriac is no picnic when your actually sick either. I hope you find your answer so that you are helped no matter what is causing you physical incapability's. It really sucks when your physical health declines, especially when you were previously active.


          Originally posted by GypsyQueen View Post
          My gps are down to one permanent dr and two locum. The main dr wants to push me out before I sit down. She has no time.
          I'm just so confused and done the worst thing (googled my pains) !!
          ive had blood test for a load of things but all were fine. No inflammation markers as he thought I may have rheumatoid arthritis. But all were fine.
          I don't know where to go from here now?
          I'm sure she already thinks I'm a hypochondriac!!
          my memory is awful. I even forget to write down what I'm supposed to be remembering lol!
          Having experienced the National Health Service when I was living in London years ago, I can tell you that you need to fight for what you need and try to stay strong if they treat you with dismissiveness. There are plenty of sniffly noses and scratchy throats in that waiting room that could just as well go to Boots for an over-the-counter remedy you are not in that category.

          I'm betting that it all feels overwhelming and I agree that it's a good idea to keep a daily symptom diary, but not present the whole diary when you go in advocating for your referral to a specialist. Try to be as persistent as you can, and try not to be discouraged by anyone's attitude. This is your health! It's about the quality of your life, and that's worth fighting for.


            It IS very frustrating as I was active and went to gym twice a week sometimes more. I was an active mum and now I'm lucky if I leave the house once or twice a week! And when I do I end up exhausted in bed for 2/3 days afterwards.