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Question about Visual Evoked Potential + Bladder issues

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    Question about Visual Evoked Potential + Bladder issues

    Hi everyone,

    I did my VEP last week, and will be seeing my neuro-ophthalmologist on 11th.

    Is it normal to have different results from the Right vs Left eye? And if so what is the normal range for that difference?

    Also, sometimes when I go pee (usually in the middle of the night, or early morning) my urine trickles out...I can't push it faster even when I try. It's like my bladder is asleep...

    Should I mention issue with bladder...and to which specialist???

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    Not sure about VEP (mine was different) but for bladder, I mentioned it my GP, neuro and physiatrist but it is my physiatrist who is the primary on this since it is a big issue with MS and mobility and spasticity.

    There are three really good videos on bladder issues and MS here. The first speaker is my physiatrist.


      minnie: Latencies can be different for the two eyes, even in healthy subjects. The normal values vary from lab to lab but most are high when they reach p110. Ask your doctor what the normal was for your lab and what the cutoff level for "hi" is for your latency. Here is some reading about the VEP itself:

      As for your bladder issues, tell your PCP. You need to see a urologist for that as they can do a urodynamic study on you and decide if you need to learn to self-cath, or could use some medication to help you go easier.

      Take care and let us know how it goes.


      Good luck.
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        Thanks Lisa and Misslux, both articles and videos where very informative.

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