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Eye issues not MS related?

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    Eye issues not MS related?

    I've been having issues where I start getting double vision when my eyes get fatigued since sometime in the summer. It was really bad back then but seems to have stabilized, although still very bothersome. My MRI in December showed no new lesions and the two that were there (most of my activity is in my spinal cord) had shrunk some.

    My vision has always seemed perfect with no issues except for having reading glasses which I only need if I'm reading for long periods (I can see fine but have the same fatigue issues which adding prism fixed over 10 years ago). I've always had 20/20 and 20/15 vision and now it's showing 20/25 as of last week. So I'm wondering, does that mean that most likely my double vision is because my eyes are slightly changing and has nothing to do with MS?
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    Hi lstrl,

    If you have not been to an ophthalmologist then you may want to make an appointment.

    Some vision issues can be MS related and some are not. A Neurologist is not the Dr. to see in determining your vision problems.

    I have had MS a very long time. My vision sucks but none of my vision problems are related to MS.
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