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MS + Thyroid Disease?

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    MS + Thyroid Disease?

    Thanks to a recent surgery I've now got hypothyroidism. While I'm taking synthroid, the levels aren't high enough - and since the surgery increased my MS symptoms, I feel like I'm going crazy. I can't tell what symptoms are caused by what and have spent the entire day feel like I would love to crawl back into bed. Suggestions for coping and talking to docs would be greatly appreciated!

    You are preaching to the choir! I went hyperthyroid 5 years ago after a serious surgery. Then I got Graves Disease. Or maybe I already had Graves. I don't remember. Anyway, the meds bothered my liver and I had to have RAI. My labs are somewhat normal, but my symptoms are out there somewhere. I think they are worse than the MS symptoms. Some overlap.

    I really feel that the doctors know less about the thyroid than the neuros know about MS.

    I send my endocrinologist many many messages with many many questions. I drive him crazy. But I don't care. He told me all we had to do was get rid of the thyroid and I would be "cured". A load! Try the Facebook Graves Disease group to see what other "real" people are going thru. Use your experiences and what you learn from other patients to push your Endo along.

    If you just started Synthroid give it a little more time. And don't let your doctor tell you that you are fine based on your labs. If you think you need an adjustment.... insist on it. I absolutely love my Endo, but I don't let him get away with anything. They only know as much as they know. But that doesn't mean they should string you along.

    Feel better. It's a struggle. Oh... and watch out for other autoimmune diseases. They can and do crop up in some people.

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      I had to have the majority of my thyroid removed 3 years ago due to solid masses that were found when I had a yearly MRI.

      It has taken years to get my levels where they need to be, and they still are not 100% right.

      I agree the symptoms of MS and Hypothyroidism are so similar it is hard to know what is causing the problems. If I get to aching all over, feeling really foggy etc I usually make a trip to my primary and ask her to check my levels. That will usually send me in the right direction on whether my MS is acting up or not.


        This is my main question! I'm so glad you posted this.

        I am hypothyroid (on armor 45mcg) and gluten intolerant (suspected celiac, off gluten over a year also VERY light on dairy)...But I am still having many symptoms of ms and have been recommended for an mri and evoked potentials.

        How in the world do you begin to tell them all apart!!?

        Since I am gluten free AND being treated for the hypothyroid, that is the reason for my concern with MS. I feel like i am taking all of the necessary action to deal with the thyroid and allergies so why am I still having symptoms?!

        Is anybody having this issue? or have mulitple autoimmune issues? How do you begin to tell them all apart? Also I noticed if I get "glutened" accidentally I have a very neurological reaction....dizzy, inability to control my muscles, shaking. Has anybody experienced this?


          What lab work does your

          endocrinologist order? My claims they only need to check TSH level. I disagree and fell more blood work is needed. Had Graves disease but then became hypothyroid 20 years ago, after birth of my first child.


            Mine only checks TSH too... I did call and had them check - turns out my level is "low normal." Which means, according to them, that it's likely my MS. Great...


              I also have hypothyroidism and have been taking 350 mcg daily (yes the dose really is that high). For me it took going to the lab every week for about 2 months to get my levels in a normal range. I have been stable for about 15 years now thankfully to my Dr.

              I get checked every 6 months an continue to be stable. My advice would be to check and recheck your levels until your where you need to be. Some Dr.'s think if your off a few points your ok but all of our bodies are different and a point off for one person may mean nothing but for another person it can cause all sorts of unwanted symptoms.

              Hopefully once your levels are stable you will be able to differentiate between ms symptoms and thyroid symptoms.

              Good luck


                I also have hypothyroidism. I take 175 mcg. every day of synthroid.

                The sx of both are so similar it's hard to figure what's what.

                Wright down all your sx and talk them over with your docs.

                Lab work every 3 months for because my levels have jumped around alot.

                Hypothyroid for 28 years thought my thyroid was out of wack when we discovered MS.

                Good Luck.
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