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Using wheels for fatigue

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    Using wheels for fatigue

    Does anyone use a wheelchair or other device strictly for fatigue?

    I can walk, although a lot slower now and with a lot of pain. So I'm not really looking forward to using wheels. But sometimes the exhaustion is just so overwhelming that I think a chair might help ( or couldn't hurt ). The least little activity wears me out.

    Then there are the times when the dizzies take over. Is this something I need to run by the neuro?

    The only cure for insomnia is to get more sleep.

    Good to hear from you Marti~

    Seems you may be at a turning point, whether its time to use devices to assist you or not. To me, people confuse fatigue with just being tired, so you lay down and it passes. What many do not appreciate that fatigue interrupts our daily routine. I have both muscle fatigue and mental fatigue where I just cannot even think my next thought.

    I have used both my rollator and walker for short periods of time. Then as I improve, no longer need them.

    However, I always take my quad cane with me outdoors. With muscle fatigue, and with balance issues. I can suddenly need the cane.

    You don't want a fall to help you decide to use assistive devices. So yes, talk to your neuro. Ask for a PT evaluation and they will let your neuro know what is recommended.

    Let us know what you find out ok?

    Warmly, Jan
    I believe in miracles~!
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      I have a wheelchair. I am 38 and it was a hard pill to swallow. I got it last year to go to an amusement park with my kids. I can walk but not for long.......and if it is hot out, forget it!
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        I use a cane for very short distances and a rollator for longer distances (like a hospital). For much longer distances (like the mall or museum), my SO pushes me in a transport chair.


          Jan gives excellent advice. A physical therapist will assess you and decide which device or devices you need. I was using just a cane, and my PT told me I needed to walk with a walker, and also got me a scooter for distances. So it was good to get an assessment and safer for me so that I do not fall.

          I hope you will take this avenue as this will allow your insurance to buy the devices as an order from your doctor will be used.

          Don't think of it as getting worse, think of it as an energy saver so that you can walk longer.

          Take care
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            OH FYI, the PT in the hospital when they had me using a walker, told me that most insurances ONLY allow 1 item per year or something like that. SO.. if that is the case, she told me to get the more expensive item first. I got my pretty rollater with seat and basket.

            You can pick up a cane/walker most places as they are cheaper or even borrow one from someone who may have only needed it for post knee/hip surgeries.

            My cane is from a lady who was near and dear to us, needed only for her post knee surgery. She even named it "Charlie." Since she passed away , I think of her whenever I have Charlie safely in my hands.

            I believe in miracles~!
            2004 Benign MS 2008 NOT MS
            Finally DX: RR MS 02.24.10


              I did PT 3 times. They said there just wasn't too much more they could do for me. I have developed osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, tendinitis and I have Graves Disease. So I have a lot weakening me. Naps just don't relieve the exhaustion much.

              I try using a cane, but it just gets in the way and trips me. I do like the walker, but have not tried it outside of the house yet.

              Yesterday I went to town for the first time in awhile. I got gas and had a hard time counting my money out. Luckily the clerk knows me well and he helped me. He asked if I was ok. The whole thing kind of startled him. So I understand the mental fatigue too.

              I always thought wheelchairs etc were just for people who couldn't walk. Right now the thyroid thing is kicking me around... causing all kinds of muscle and joint pain everywhere. So we are working on that. Cutting my dose of Synthroid. See if that helps. I'm clumsy and crabby and just plain tired.

              Thanks again.

              The only cure for insomnia is to get more sleep.




                PT order can be for gait evaluation. They can help assess and verify what you need to use.

                This could help with possibly getting insurance to pay for it.

                The other thing that I want to put in, is that insurance will sometimes not cover an item unless you need it in the house.

                Using a scooter before you think you need it can often increase your socialability. It may help preserve your energy rather then taking it away as fast usually.

                I would have a scooter in a heart beat if my insurance covered it. I am still working on this. Increasing my time and activities with my children and family. And, you know what for myself, too.
                God Bless and have a good day, Mary


                  I use a cane (mostly around the house), a rollator (mostly for bigger areas without walls to walk around), and a chair.

                  I need the chair to go any distance or any speed so it is used when I am not at home.

                  I bought a whirlwind roughrider and I LOVE it. It allows me to move myself around when I want to but my DH can push me. It does off-road like a champ. We even used it after this last snow storm to go in my son's backyard.

                  I had a chair from the grandmother-in-law before that. It is a good chair but I wanted an off-road one.

                  It is hard to make the decision to use a chair but definitely worth it for fatigue issues. I also have HUGE balance issues to it is safer for me.

                  I bought my rollater at aldi for $40, my canes (yes I have more than one) at discount stores, and my chair online. I did not ask insurance for any help for any of them.