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    I HATE MS!!!!

    Just got home from my neuro appt. He said my MRI showed more lesions and the old lesions are larger so stop the copaxone as it is not working.

    Now I am going on a new pill I have never even heard anything about Aubagio. I am so scared all I want is for this to be under control! I know it may sound selfish or bad but I am not ready to need my small children to care for me or to give up my work!!

    Again I hate this stupid disease!!!!! Sorry I am feeling down.

    Read everything you can about Aubagio before you make any decisions, especially if you're young and maybe want more children.
    I'm on the stuff, and it's pretty hard on your body. I am getting used to it, but Copaxone was an absolute doddle by comparison.
    Plus side - no needles.


      Try to check out all the DMD's. Get as involved in the decision making process as possible. My neuro does NOT tell me what drug I'll be taking.

      Your situation may be different, but try to be as involved as possible. It will make you more powerful.

      Good luck!!


        I have already tried Avonex and it wasn't working, now copaxone wasn't working, I can't take Gelenia because of the heart problems it can cause so in talking to my neuro we decided this would be my next best option.

        I am trying to stay positive and try not to focus on the negative. That is why I am staying away from the specific threads on this medication I do not want to psyche myself out before I even start!

        I am only 38 years old but I am not having anymore children because I had a hysterectomy after my last child, so I don't need to worry about that!

        I am just scare because I feel I am running out of options if this doesn't work too.

        The funny thing about all of this is that I feel better than I have in the last 2 years! So it really was a blow when my MRI came back bad!


          It's weird, isn't it. You feel better than you have for a long time, but your MRI says Copaxone isn't working.

          Over here in Australia, they will declare the old dmds a "failure", and start you on something new and shiny, if you have more than one flare a year.

          At least that makes sense, because you can feel it's not working well. But then none of these drugs is a cure.

          Don't worry about running out of options. There's a fairly wide variety of MS drugs out there. With any luck Aubagio will do for you what it says on the box.

          I'm hoping it does me some good, too.


            I did have a flare couple of months ago.


              Have you thought about Tysabri? Tecfidera? If you are feeling good, try not to focus on lesions. There is not always a correlation between disability and lesions.

              Did you have a recovery from your flare you had a couple of months ago?

              Hang in there!!!!!


                You are feeling frightened and have some deep concerns about your future, which is hard but not impossible to move through. You are a strong spirit! You also mentioned that you have felt better these last two years, FaNtAsTiC

                Golfore and Think make some great points. Being involved in informed decision making feels empowering and can change the course of our world. Arm yourself with information, learn, ask, know.

                In times like this I like to recall something that I rose above and look at how I got there. When I look back I can see the entire process. Some things can just take time and repeated efforts, but please know you are already overcoming with your awareness to avoid negativity and the strength it takes to reach out!

                "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." ~~Rumi