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Only one month left to conceive

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    Only one month left to conceive

    So, a little history. I was diagnosed with MS in early 2001 and immediately started on Betaseron. I was very lucky and had no issues beyond what got me diagnosed for over 10 years. In early 2011 my husband and I decided we wanted to have a baby. I knew I had to be off the betaseron for 3 months, so i tracked my temperature and was lucky enough to conceive after only one month of trying. I had a great pregnancy, had an MRI when baby was 4 months that looked great, and stayed off meds to breastfeed for almost 9 months before I had an exacerbation that lasted around 3 months with numerous different symptoms. I immediately weaned the baby and went back on meds.

    I'm getting older and I really didn't want to wait to try to conceive again, so after only 5 months back on meds I went back off them again (with my neurologist's concent). After two months he wanted to get one more MRI before I started trying again, and within an hour of the MRI I got a call from my doctor (never good). Basically it was a terrible MRI, and even though I feel fine now it doesn't bode well as I get older. He wanted me to immediately start on Copaxone so that I wasn't unmedicated, and then told me that he he was okay with me trying for a couple more months, but didn't recommend longer than that. Well, I have one month left.

    I thought I'd be okay because I have one beautiful little boy, but I guess I also didn't think that it would be harder this time. The worse part is, for the past two month, according to my charts (which i'm meticulous about) i haven't even ovulated. I haven't been overly stressed (because i thought it would be easy again), and I've had no other life changes, so I have no explanation for this. I don't know if the change in meds could have caused this, but I know that people often get pregnant on Copanxone.

    For this last month I've decided to stop taking it though, just in case it is the cause (and I just want to try to give myself a real chance). I don't have time to see a specialist, all I can do it wait and see (and try not to stress/dwell). I've also seen fertility teas on the market, but I'm always hesitant about herbs because I don't want to end up making the MS worse (if that's possible with an herb). I know this is a somewhat specific (and long-sorry) situation, but any chance than anyone has any advise/suggestions/anything?

    Hi quippie,

    I was trying to get pregnant when I was dxed. I wanted to continue to try and start Copaxone and go on Ty after I gave birth. My neuro said no because the Copax would take four months to reach saturation. I set a deadline of five months to try. I wish I had pushed what I wanted harder as many people take up to a year to conceive.

    You can take Clomid with MS, and if you search that on this msg. board someone else took it successfully. This will make you produce more active targets. You can also go to a fertility center and have your husband or partner's sperm injected IUI, which will bypass the cervical mucus working against you. Check his motility and other variables to optimize your chances.

    I am tempted to go AMA and continue to try and cease the med when I conceive. I want *one* baby I've saved up for all my adult life and I don't want my immune system to cannibalize my brain and spine. Two reasonable things to want. Anyway good luck and if it doesn't work out for you focus all your love on your lucky baby boy.


      Hi quppie,

      Welcome to MS World. Glad you joined us, although I'm sorry why. I hope you'll find this a great site for information and support!

      I'm sorry to hear about your last MRI. What I can recommend is an OTC Ovulation Test predictor. It would be much more dependable in predicting when you will ovulate than your temperature. (Which is also why that's not a reliable method of birth control.)

      Like you, I became pregnant the first month we tried with our first child. It took us much longer with our second. It can take several months to become pregnant, and it becomes even harder to become pregnant as a we get older. Here's a good article article for you:

      There really is no scientific evidence to support something like a "fertility tea." I think you'd be better off investing your money in an ovulation predictor kit .

      My hope for you is that your MS will remain stable and that you will be blessed with another child.

      Best wishes,

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