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What does it take to exhaust you?

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    I'm always fatigued

    just have it in varying degrees. Many days I'm exhausted - it's overwhelming.


      not very much, usuallly just waking is enough.
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        some mornings i wake exhausted - other days i feel good, only to feel fatigue a couple hours after i get to work. on really good days, fatigue doesn't show up until i break at lunch - and i could definitely nap at that point. but always, always, i feel it at the end of of the day. i've yet to determine what causes the fluctuations of my "fatigue" time. (if i knew them - i'd avoid them).


          Originally posted by marti View Post
          Another part of my question: Does your fatigue ever make you feel like your heart rate goes up a little? Even when it really doesn't? Some days I can take a few steps and am totally exhausted and feel like my heart is beating a little harder. Some days it is. But other times I check it with my oximeter and it's really ok. Is this just more fatigue??
          When I'm really really fatigued I get stressed out and my heart rate definitely goes up.


            sometimes a period of energy in the morning, but

            But it gets used up & then it's gone. there doesn't seem to be a way to recharge. I do usually have more energy after 9 pm, always have.

            My dr. suggested dexedrine at one point, but a nice lie-down seems better than a controlled substance. Sometimes caffeine can help, but not usually.

            Some days i have no productive period, but some days I get a few productive hours & can do a few things.


              Very little.


                stairs even 2or3 done!!!!

                and yes the heart rate does feel like it's going up. sometimes I think a heart attack is near.
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                  Thanks to all of you for posting about this, I was confused with myself

                  Thank you all so much. Even though I've read so much, I was really confused at how overly tired I am. Years ago, I was always on the go, and didn't really understand why I was supposed to get eight hours of sleep.

                  I am in a wheelchair 100% now. Before the walking exercise came in force, I would walk fast, four miles in an hour, three times a week. No matter how cold or hot, I walked. I did that for several years. I calculated it, and all the walking and years added up, total distance of New York city to San Diego. So I guess there is no reason for me to be sad that I am in a wheelchair now, because I've already walked enough for a lifetime.

                  I am glad I've had the ccsvi surgery, because even though I was never a genius, I used to be very smart. Now, I would qualify to the very bottom. I don't want to lose more mental as I have very little mental left.

                  But thank you all for posting. I am so very sorry that you are dealing with all this MS stuff. You all deserve a pat on the back for all you're going through. You all deserve more than that.

                  I know you will all be in Heaven. We can relate to the large difference that life on this planet is, and after life in Heaven.

                  I will keep praying that some medical professionals can invent something to help with this pain and fatigue. I could definitely use some help.