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    MS and MRI

    Hello all! I was wondering how long it would take for MS to show up in an MRI. I had an MRI done about 2 years ago due to headaches that came back normal. Since then, over the past 2 years, I have had some different symptoms, such as numbness and tingling, all over pain (my doctor had thought it was Lupus because my ANA came back positive, but the dsdna came back negative, so now he doesn't think it is lupus), i have had some problems with balance some, and the most recent symptom has been these weird twitches and spasms my muscles and body seem to be doing. I have an MRI set up for Monday, just wanted to get some input. Could my MRI change enough in 2 years to have MS? Also, anyone have these kind of symptoms? Also my vitamin d was low.... didn't know if this was common in MS? Thanks!

    It is my understanding (so take this FWIW) that lesions show up well before symptoms.

    Low vitamin d has been associated with ms, but it's pretty darn common in everyone.

    Have you had a Lyme test?


      An MRI can change overnight. And Vitamin D deficiency is common in many MSers as well as the General Population.
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        As I'm sure you've noticed from reading these posts, there really is no timeline. It's more like expect the unexpected! Really those, getting diagnosed is a process with no definite timeline. More like milestones. So for you it looks like step one is symptoms. Step two might be plagues on an MRI, but then again it might not. You might not have any this time, but you may get an lp and have bands. Maybe you'll have spots next time. You may not even have MS. It's really kinda crazy, to me anyway, that we live in such a technologically advanced time but all we can get from doctors is maybes and wait-and-sees.

        For my part I've had symptoms for some time. I also have a pituitary tumor, (benign), so I've had to get MRIs on a regular basis for years. I assume they didn't have spots until a couple of years ago. It's difficult to say since I was in the navy at the time. Military doctors are not the most forthcoming, but my neuro told me a when he first found active lesions that there had been no scarring. You know to indicate long time activity. Anyways, I've said all that to say, you just never know the course this disease will take. In the meantime, please try not to google yourself to death.

        Good luck!
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          Thanks you all for taking the time to respond! At this point, I would almost be glad if it was MS, that way I would finally have a diagnosis and treatment plan. I am tired of feeling this way!