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    Low Sugar

    Has anyone had any trouble with their sugar dropping..... i have been having some issues several times a week with my sugar dropping, i can start feeling it when it gets in the 80's.... today it is at 63 right now and having some just comes and goes....and I ate a poptart for breakfest just a couple hrs. ago.

    Perhaps you just have hypoglycemia, and whenever you eat something with simple sugars in it, your blood sugar spikes, then it drops quickly, causing you to need more sugar quickly, causing another spike, another drop, needing more sugar, another spike...and so on. It is a never ending cycle that you may not realize is going on. It is most likely not related to your MS. It is an endocrine problem, but can be controlled by diet. You just have to stop eating sugar and balance your diet by eating more protein and having your sugar come from fresh fruit, canned fruit and the like.

    Since you have a means to check your blood sugar, it will be easy for you to change your diet and check your sugars. It is also best to stay away from white pastas too. Go with wheat bread and pastas. No candies, or sugary snacks, and check your blood sugar regularly. This way you can see how a change in diet changes your blood sugars and how you feel. Hopefully for the better!

    Good luck.

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      I also suffer from hypoglycemia (but not diabetes). I am a small person (5'3"/105 lbs) and the doctor thought my size and my poor early morning eating habits was not helping things. He suggested a fruit and something high in protein so I have taken to eating an egg/sausage sandwich first thing in the morning and a banana in the car. The dr also told me to drink a lot more water, so I fill up a water bottle and drink that while I am stuck in traffic. (I previously wasn't eating anything at all -- for some reason, MS had sapped my appetite, which is why I have lost all my weight). Although I don't feel 100%, I do think I am doing much better.


        I will have to try these things.... i normally do not eat alot of sugary things, but my main problems is pasta and bread... i have been trying to switch to whole grain breads.....i get up and come to work by 6:30 am and usually do not eat breakfast until about 9am, then sometime about 2 hrs after a meal i start feeling sick to my stomach, and getting the shakes very bad.... i check it and it is low.... i try to eat a peanut butter cracker, that seems to help more then anything, it just takes a while to come back up.


          I have been diabetic for 41 years, and something that really helped stabilize my blood sugars was the addition of more fruit and less complex carbohydrates. When eating pastas and breads, I try to eat a smaller serving of pasta and a larger serving of a vegetable that is lower in carbohydrates. There are some excellent websites that will help you in this matter. Contact your local chapter of the American diabetes Association. I am advocating a healthy diet that helps to regulate your blood sugars because if my blood sugars are either high or low my MS worsens tenfold!
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