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  • hunterd
    ** this was initially a post from the thread "where does the money go". I moved it to its own thread because I thought it would provoke a different type of answer than the original thread was looking for**

    Candy Cane, I am also a hunter, and I require the use of a crossbow. I am also permanently in a wheelchair. I did not have any financial help when acquiring my bow, but you can get help from many sources. I would advise anyone looking to improve any sort of activity to get in contact with their local office of the national MS Society. They can help point you in the right direction.

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  • candycane
    started a topic THANKS FOR THE REPLIES


    Thanks for the replies.

    This thread was prompted by msastros's thread entitled "living alone?"

    I just wish something more can be done for MSers who end up in dire situations like that. Some sort of help, even if it's helping to coordinate a plan and get her assistance. I don't think the role of the NMSS is to pay our medical bills and pay for us to live. That's not what I mean. I'm just noticing that there are areas where money/resources would help us directly & I'm not seeing or hearing about it happening.

    I have a friend with MD. He is a bow (& arrow) hunter & needed a special bow. the MDA made sure he got it and it did wonders for his quality of life. To be able to remain functional is priceless. I have a feeling they got the manufacturer of the bow to donate it. I'm not sure how much of their money goes to patients either. But they are very involved in lobbying for individuals who need help.
    I'd hope the NMSS would do something similar.