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    just a rant

    I should be thrilled and I am really, but I'm already so, so tired. After looking for a year and a half we are buying a house. It's a foreclosure and needs some love, but paying cash so no more rent. It is a house that works with my disabilities and everything is on the main level.

    This means I have a new house to decorate (paint, flooring, needs a whole new kitchen), packing the rental house I have lived in for 8 yrs. and then painting and fixing this house up.

    Everyone is looking to me for direction and choices. I have been dragging a leg for two days and can only swallow liquids again. My family is blaming the weather, which is not helping, albeit, it is not the only factor. I am overwhelmed and it's not going to get better. Yay? and Crap!

    Sleepless in Illinois

    Oh dear, I can appreciate the "yeah" and "crap" feeling. Glad you got a manageable, disability friendly house.. and its all your own!!

    Not sure if you are the one in charge by choice, or everyone else is electing you to do so much, but you MUST pace yourself..and this will be very time consuming. That is TELL folks what you can and cannot do, and how much fatigue will set everyone back if you dont get their much needed cooperation.

    Just because you are living and breathing, they must learn that MS robs us of our strength, both phys and mental. AND mental planning,etc. also consumer much energy!!

    Able bodied folks are worn down by moving.. so solicit as much help that you can. And do not think you have to have everything put away, set up, etc. all that fast. It WILL bother you not to get things done, but you don't want a major exacerbation out of this move.

    God bless and YAY for finding a HOME~

    Warmly, Jan
    I believe in miracles~!
    2004 Benign MS 2008 NOT MS
    Finally DX: RR MS 02.24.10


      We are doing exactly the same thing except we've been renting for 1 1/2 yrs. The mere thought of moving again has me maxed out! The house is perfect for us, mostly me. It's all one floor, bathroom, bedroom, laundry, etc.

      The house needs lots of TLC. With some remodeling it's a perfect floor plan. Wide open space for walkers and/or wheelchairs.

      I'm tired and trying so hard to keep the happy face on for my dear sweet DH. He tries so hard to make things easier for me.

      Yeah and crap. I'm with you.


        I hope everybody isn't expecting you to do all the work yourself! Do you have enough energy to act as the coordinator or "general contractor"? Everyone might be looking to you for direction but part of your direction can be to delegate. Do you have a family member who can act as the on-site overseer? It's not too expensive to subscribe to a service like Angie's List and find contractors to do the work for you. Then you just have to supervise or find a trusted person to delegate that to.


          I am the glue that binds.

          Yes, I seem to have been out of the room when voting occurred. Throughout this whole process I seem to have become the "go-too" person. I searched through thousands of properties, I set schedules for house viewings, I chose all the bid prices. It's not that I'm a control freak, it's more like no one else is stepping up.

          Everyone is wanting to know what color, what texture, counters, cabinets, flooring.....they expect me to pick, shop, and install. Holy Crap, Batman, Wonder Woman has left the building"!!!

          I did tell my grown daughter, who lives with us that the upstairs (consisting of several rooms) are her's to decorate. I'm not doing it. Took her by surprise a bit.

          Thank you, all, for your support and empathy.