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    My family feels more comfortable with me in a nursing home but Medicaid says I can get what I need in the community therefore I do not need to be in the nursing home.

    I of course would prefer to be in my own place.

    I cannot stand or walk. I do not have much strength in my upper body, so transfers are difficult.

    Help! My family "just cannot see how I can live on my own". Can anyone give me examples of you doing it on your own?

    Mt family is fighting so hard to keep me here. They are not looking at ways to get me out.


    I am not experienced enough to help, but I absolutely understand you and your family's desire to stay in your own home.

    If getting in and out of bed is your only problem, I do know there are devices that can be hung above the bed that can transfer you from the bed to wheelchair.

    If it is more than just bed transfer, you might want to consider assisted have your own apartment and someone helps you periodically throughout the day. Maybe you can get together the resources so you can hire a part time helper.

    Hopefully someone can come by to offer more assistance than I can.
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      I agree with Katie, Assisted Living seems like a viable option to look into
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        Assisted living is not an option if you need help with daily ADLs and transferring. Sorry. Asst Living means you just need to get checked on by the facility staff to make sure you are safe, have not fallen, took your meds. etc.

        You can get home health aides, but they are not always there when you need them UNLESS you pay extra for that service. Usually aides come to bathe, etc.

        Home aides help with cooking, some cleaning, shopping, but again you have to pay for that.

        Asst Living is VERY espensive per month in the thousands. There are "some" low income places for A.L. but not many and always have waiting lists.

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          Does your state have an Elderly/Disabled Waiver? These services are designed to keep individuals in the home and community and out of group homes, etc.

          In-home support services, personal care, etc are some of the services typically available under the waiver.

          Good luck!