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My point of view about MS diets.

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    There are a few basic healthy diet principles that I think everyone should live by regardless of whether or not they have MS, some other illness, or are perfectly healthy. Doing these things may not stop your MS from progressing but they will at the very least least prevent other dis-eases to be piled on top of your MS.

    - Drink plenty of water ('they say' at least half your body weight in ounces per day) and stay away from the other stuff as much as you can. (sodas, sugary drinks, alcohol, coffee, bottled juice, etc.)
    - Eat lots of vegetables each day, being sure to get plenty of green things in there too. Fresh fruits too.
    - Limit sugar intake.
    - Limit dairy consumption.
    - If you eat meat be sure it's high quality and serve only as a condiment or side, not as the main dish. Also, meat does not have to be served at every meal or even every day.
    - Organic and non-GMO as much a possible.
    - Whole grains as much as possible, and no too much bread.
    - Cook at home from scratch instead of fast food or packaged items.
    - Any sort of 'junk food' in moderation, if at all.

    As well as other basic lifestyle habits ...
    - Get a full night of sleep and take a rest each day
    - Do some sort of exercise each day
    - Get some fresh air and sunshine

    And of course most importantly, follow Christ ... because everything else is all in vain if you are not walking in the light that you have and seeking out for more.

    I'm sure there are more points I could have made but those are what came 'off the top of my head.'

    Not officially diagnosed due to non-MS-specific spots on MRIs, but the neurologists all agree it's MS.
    Frustrated. January 2019: finally saw an MS specialist worth seeing. Maybe we'll get to the bottom of this.
    EDSS of 5.5, sometimes 6.0


      Originally posted by aitch10 View Post
      I agree. Especially with the idea that people who swear by certain diets have benign forms of MS.

      If I thought for a second that giving up dairy or gluten or sugar or whatever would allow me to run marathons and wear Louboutins, I would do it in a hot minute.

      But it's bunk. Period.
      I have officially labeled "benign MS" and I don't think for a minute that it is because of a certain diet or my virtuous behavior (or lack thereof). I am lucky; I try to have a good attitude; I relax with meditation.

      Look at all the different people here who use all different approaches. If there was one cure, we'd all be on it.

      "Following Christ" works for Christians and is important for them, but not everyone on this board is a Christian. I would hope we all have some spiritual belief that is helpful in our MS journey.