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numbness/tingling in hands and feet

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    numbness/tingling in hands and feet

    I have been having horrible tingling in my hands to the point they are in pain and I cannot use my fingers for more than a couple of minutes before resting them. Driving is impossible. Sometimes my feet act up too, but mostly it is in my hands. Does anyone else experience this? I asked my neuro and she gave me no answer nor help. ugh.

    I have had tingling in my right hand for the past 13 or 14 years, but it is not severe. It gets worse when I do exercises that entail raising that arm to shoulder height or higher and subsides to the normal amount of tingling after I rest it a while. I keep working at it on my better days because I know that the arm and shoulder will get weak and stiff if I don't.


      Everything you never wanted to know about my arms & hands

      Cervical Spinal Cord Lesions could explain arm/hand pain. If I remember my doc's explanition correctly, my phantom limb pain syndrom from MS spinal cord lesions are located at C-5,
      C-6, and C-7?, corrosponding with upper arms, forearms and hands. Sometimes includes pain, extreme numbness in middle fingers and thumbs that appears in cold winter temps.

      The exacerbation started in both arms, waking me with the phantom limb pain many many nights for approx.
      2 years before I know what was responsible.

      I now experience those sx's when I use my arms for a variety of activities. Bike riding is an activity I can no longer do because supporting my body weight with arms on handle bars or exercising with hand held weights, etc., will 'irritate' the spinal lesions causing arm/hand pain and poor function, or when it's worse, arm/hand pain and paralysis.

      Pain and loss of function do not always start immediately with the activity (with exception of bike riding), but will usually wake me with burning cold pain at night, interrupting sleep, a day or two after starting an activity, usually repetious activity over a few days.

      It's now accompanied by the "MS Hug" in my torso at a level paralell with my arms.

      My C-Spine lesions are confirmed via clinical exam by my MS neuro, but do not appear on my MRIs.

      Hope this helps you interpert you sx's, maybe leading to a discussion with your MS neuro.

      I hope this clears up for you with activity that does not involve exerting your arms/hands. I miss bike riding more than I can say. I now use a stationary recombent bike with a platform seat that does not require supporting my body weight with my arms.

      Best of luck for pain free arms/hands.


        Tingling has almost stopped

        I was diagnosed nine years ago. Prior to that and for at least seven years following the diagnosis, I had tingling in my hands, feet and legs daily - sometimes just towards the end of the day, sometimes lasting for days weeks on end. Lately I have had tingling very much but I would say my legs are much weaker. Is there a connection between the tingling stopping/reducing and progression and/or weakness?