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does ms do this to you?

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    does ms do this to you?

    i was getting out of the tub last week, and suddenly i had a sensation of searing pain, but also pins-and-needles in my right arm. it felt like it was very heavy, and i couldn't move it at all - it was frozen. it was all i could do to get to the bed, wet and naked, to lie down. the worst of it was over in about 30 minutes, but it persisted about an hour.

    it really scared me, and made me think about losing my mobility. what if i had been driving? was that a relapse,
    and if not, what was it?

    has anyone else had a sudden pain like that that's completely debilitating?

    Hi Zebulun,

    Some people have pronounced symptoms after being exposed to heat, such as a hot bath. I had similar symptoms after a hot shower.

    I think that if you were having a relapse, the symptoms would have lasted over 2 days.

    This being said, if you've never experiences these symptoms before, I would let my neurologist or PCP know.

    I wouldn't be overly worried about this, but letting your doctor in on it should put you at ease.

    Take care! And stay out of the heat!
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      After or during a long warm shower, the humidity will make me, so weak. Often, I lie in bed wet, waiting for a '2nd' wind, to finish up, my shower.

      Apparently, problems with heat/humidity, can be eventful.

      So, don't take a hot shower, driving! Be sure to check with your M.D. I simply, take 'cooler' shorter showers. Sadly, 18 mos. ago, I enjoyed a jacuzzi, nightly..not, anymore.


        one day last summer while I was out driving with the the top down with a hat on but nonetheless getting lots heat on me all of a sudden I started having searing stabs of pain & pins and needles down my left leg and then if that wasn't bad enough my left leg began to have serious spasms the point that it sort of got a life of it's own with my foot kind of jumping of the floor in spasms.
        This was really frightening but luckily I was able to pull over to the side of the road, put the top up and fire up the AC.
        As soon as the car cooled off everything went back to normal. But I guarantee I won't be driving around with the top down when it's hot out again.
        I guessed that it was spasticity caused by heat - not fun, for sure.
        I didn't have a Neuro or a PCP to talk to so I just read up about spasticity and am now well informed about how heat affects MS.


          No zebulun, it wasn't a relapse.

          It was more than likely the result of getting over heated. Some people are heat intolerant, cold intolerant or both.

          I cannot take a bath, cannot sit in warm or hot water (no hot tub) or I will become very weak and fatigued with difficulty moving. I can take warm showers.

          Many, many years ago before medical technology, MS was diagnosed by the "hot bath test." A person would be put in a tub of hot water and if the couldn't walk afterwards then they had MS...thank goodness for medical technology .
          Diagnosed 1984
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            Hello. Fed Up, funnily enough, I use that "name" on some other non-MS sites. I like it, because it basically sums up my mood.

            I don't like the idea of "pseudoexacerbations". I think even though they go away, they are a sign of what is going on.

            Every "pseudo" (yes, no more apostrophes) I've ever had has returned later as a "real" flare (sorry, had to) or as damage done.

            Mind you, this is 14 years in for me, so no need to panic for you.


              Hi I am new here awaiting a dx.
              First I want say, i am sorry you as well had to experience this, this week too.

              I have appt with PCP tomorrow morning, and the soonest i could get into neurologist is May 1st, but I am hoping that what i tell PCP tomorrow will help expedite me seeing neuro asap.
              I wanted to share with you too, that i had this week, almost the exact same episode after getting out of tub, my back was on fire,l i could hardly move, the pain was like a 10 on the scale, it took me at least ten minutes to get my clothes on.

              Also this week my right side gave out causing me to fall, i think i was carrying a plate of food, to be honest, memory fog is effecting me so bad, I can't be sure i was carrying food, but do remember i was carrying something, and it flew all of the place, as i land flat on my face. very scary, i am hoping after i tell PCP tomorrow that she will at the very least order MRI, so we will have some idea before i actually see the neuro.

              i have also been experiencing double and blurry vision, so much so I actually made an optometrist appt for next week.
              Although not dx yet, I have every symptom of MS, including the sexual dysfunction, fatigue, you name it , i got it.

              Basically though, I am on nearly all the meds a person with ms would be on, so only thing it would do is give me a dx, so i can at least get SSI.
              I am going through a divorce, no alimony, have other serious health issues in addition, to possible ms, and haven't worked since 05, and even then i was working from home.

              OK sorry just venting, didn't mean to derail your thread.
              Again wanted to let you know you are not alone, and that i am sorry you had to experience this too...

              ** Moderator's note - Post broken into paragraphs for easier reading. Many people with MS have visual difficulties that prevent them from reading large blocks of print. **
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