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?? T3 Thyroid Hormone Stimulating Compound??

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    ?? T3 Thyroid Hormone Stimulating Compound??

    Marie12 experience with T3 Thyroid Hormone Stimulating Compound

    I thought I start a new thread about T3 T.H.S.C. mentioned in another thread about Ritilin.

    I've tried many of the stimulants, but my tolerate for them has diminished greatly due to cognitive side effects, and they exacerbate my insomnia.

    I'm intrigued to know if T3 Thyroid Hormone Stimulating Compound is a substitute for the CNS stimulants?

    I know one of my recent labs for blood work indicated Hyper/po-thyroid, I can't remember if it's hyper or hypo, lost track of the print out of the lab results.

    The thyroid problem on my labs is a very recent development. All the labs and blood work I've had before and since my ms dx, Thyroid was not on the radar at all for rule in or out, or other wise. It's a complete surprise after MS for 10yrs, but could also explain some of my increasing cognitive and fatigue issues.

    What can you or anyone tell me about this T3 T.H.S.C?? Fatigue is going to kill me if MS doesn't. Or i'll get hit by a mac truck, which I'd kind-a-sorta prefer, actually.

    I'm desperate for some help with fatigue for over 10yrs. I thought the stimulants were the answer, but long term they are a horror, even short term I have not very good consequences from using them on as needed basis.

    Is it a dietiary supplement? "Compound" sounds like a non-Rx?

    Any info is appreciated.