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Effects of IV Steroids

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    Effects of IV Steroids

    I was in hospital last week for a stomach virus that just downed me big time.

    I have Addison's Disease as Well as MS & Hashimoto's Disease

    Well the stomach virus put me into and Addisonian Crisis which they treated with stress doses of Solumedrol & another steroid (cant remember name)

    anyhooo... My question is... has anyone ever had Hallucinations with IV Steroids cuz i felt like i was on a bad acid trip. Was afraid to tell the nurses incase they locked me up.. I mean i know im crazy but didnt want it confirmed THAT way lol

    better now but scared to go near anyone with any kind of stomach bug.!!

    Originally posted by dancinOTG View Post
    has anyone ever had Hallucinations with IV Steroids cuz i felt like i was on a bad acid trip.
    Steroids can cause Psychiatric symptoms You probably should have let someone (nurse, doctor) know.
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      DancinOTG, steroids definitely can cause hallucinations I agree with Snoopy. I experienced them several times. Fortunately they resolved after the steroids were stopped. Take care of your self Dale
      Dale in NC, dx'ed 2000, now SPMS


        My doctor told me that some people are hospitalized only because they go psychotic on steroids and need to be watched.


          OH dear the steriod scare.. sorry you had to endure this.

          When I had to have IV steriods, I had to be hospitalized that the neuro could monitor my vitals for another condition I have...but.. heard what was a fire drill only i Heard it as a FALL alert!! Yup.

          Later I asked the RN how the lady was who fell next door. Now how would I even know it was a lady.. and that she even fell? Turns out what I was hearing was the fire doors slamming shut for the FIRE DRILL and of course I should know they would NEVER EVER announce fall!! Cuz there was no fall!! LOL

          Also in same event, convinced the PT gal that I already knew her and met her. She of course denied it cuz it was not true. LOL

          Seems you can have seizure like signs with MS and that are like simple partial seizures where you can have hallucinatory kinds of events. See or hear things.. I even heard the TOILET play music when it flushed!! Yup.. NO ONE ever heard that one!!

          AND.. I saw a semi truck come through my peripheral vision off the hwy I live on and land on my love seat!! Yup!! SEE? Hallucinatory.. phantom smells, hearing voices, hearing wrong messages, toilets playing music.. feeling better now? LOL

          Turns out I do not have seizures, and all this passed once the steriods were out of my system.

          Good luck.. let us know how you are doing

          I believe in miracles~!
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          Finally DX: RR MS 02.24.10


            Thank you all for your comments & help

            i did tell the nurse the next morning... (didnt wanna) but knew i should and the endocrinoligist said not unusual to have those kind of things with the iv steroids.

            once the steroids were gone all the crap went with it.
            i am back on my usual steroids for the addisons..

            will just have to mention it should i ever have to have iv steroids again for ms or addisons *****CROSSIN FINGERS****NOT

            have a wonderful day all