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Double whammy: Backaches & sleeplessness

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    Double whammy: Backaches & sleeplessness

    Ok, I am pretty sure that I know from where my backaches are coming; ANY type of overdoing and/or NOT doing. Seems to be such a delicate balance.

    One of my common sayings this year has been: "I hate stairs.." However, they cannot be avoided when I live in a split level home and we cannot afford, yet, to sell and buy a one-level home. Didn't help, since Friday, that our dishwasher broke and I found myself lugging plastic bins of dirty dishes up to the bathtub! After it started working today, found myself toting some of those same dishes back down the stairs (my dd and I managed to get some of them done on Saturday, so just a bit less going down). Yes, I am awake right now b/c of a backache.

    We have just refinanced this home and are excited that our mortgage will be about $200 LESS than before (just went up this January by almost $100; thankfully, just one payment). I just have to endure and try not to use the stairs too much for a bit longer.

    I also know that whenever I don't use my rollator or my scooter/store scooter, I regret it later. Still need to find an inexpensive ramp in order to better use my scooter and avoid a backache from lifting a few of the parts. What good is a scooter, if the only freedom it allows comes with the price of a lower backache??

    To add to this, I am having a great deal of trouble, lately, sleeping. I have found that, if I can manage to stay up until midnight, I can stay asleep until around 5:00. Otherwise, I'm awake at around 3:00; as happened tonight. Usually, I realize I have a backache, as well, but I wake up on cue around these times. Seems that if I have more than one nighttime med that causes drowsiness/sleepiness, I shouldn't be waking so much??

    I find myself napping during the day (has been a necessity for quite some time), but try to limit it to one to two naps per day. I am wondering if I should have a sleep study done?? I take the naps b/c I know I need to use my energy wisely. I try to limit them to an hour and try to, sometimes, only take one.

    I realize that exercise is supposed to help, but that's hard when the back is aching so much. Stretching is somewhat helpful, but not as much as it used to be. I have used: warm, moist heat; cold packs; and the shiatzu chair my mom got a year or so ago. I have also resorted to using my rx strength Ibuprofen, but try not to take it too often (ran out recently, and waiting for pcp to renew rx).

    Any ideas about the sleeplessness?? It isn't all due to pain, b/c I feel wide awake regardless of a backache or headache. I realize it is a part of perimenopause, but seems like the meds I take that make me sleepy would help more.

    Help? I can't go on any more of the "old antidepressants" I've been rx'ed in the past; too many nasty side effects. I have a brother with sleep apnea and am wondering if I may have something similar?


    I have been up all night, even though I forced myself to stay in bed until 5:30 am. Sleeplessness is deeply frustrating for me, especially because I know how healing and restorative sleep can be, and I know my sx are worse from pure fatigue. Unlike you, I cannot nap during the day unless I take pain or anxiety meds...

    I have tried and burned out every sleep medication known to man! The only thing that worked was a dangerous drug called Chloral Hydrate that supposedly is what Marilyn Monroe overdosed on. It scared me because I built a tolerance to it as well, but it wasn't something you could just keep increasing the dose on, so I had to let it go.

    Someone here on the board suggested Sleepytime Tea, and surprisingly 2 tea bags an hour or so before bed do make me sleepy...not necessarily sleep, but it's something.

    My husband did a sleep study and had sleep apnea. He is so glad he went through it, even though it was a pain, and so am I! At least his snoring isn't one of my excuses anymore!

    I wish I could give you more encouraging advice...maybe someone else can help us both?!

    I TOTALLY understand about not wanting to go on another AD...I cannot go there either - they are terrible for me with side effects, and never seem to help that much anyway!

    Success is a journey, not a destination


      Well your story sounds so familiar. I have posted before about doing or over doing. I feel pain and aches no matter what I do. If I really overdo I end up in a relapse, which I hate. The docs like those steroids and I hate them. So, now I really try to pace myself.

      I suggest take short naps (30 mins) thats what I do. I do it about mid afternoon, wake up and start fixing dinner.

      I went to a ms workshop and the doc there suggested melatonin. I had already tried lots of other stuff and was not optimistic, but it actually works for me. Some days are better than others as we all know.

      The pain never stops, sometimes worse, some day tolerable.

      Good luck!
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