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Facial Tension that Moves Upward?

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    Facial Tension that Moves Upward?

    I am going to get a colonoscopy tomorrow and I am a little worried about going under anesthesia because of my new symptoms. I was diagnose with TMJ several weeks ago. I have constant tension in my face, neck, and shoulders that gets worse throughout the day.

    The past few days I have also noticed that I have a numbing sensation in the roof of my mouth and along my teeth. Also, the tension seems to have mostly moved up from my jaw to around the bridge of my nose and forehead. I also have had a few dizzy spells today. Does anyone know what this is?

    Sorry about your pain. I mentioned this to another poster, and since only you know how your symptoms feel, you'll need to go onto google and look this up to see if it could be part of your problem.

    Google dystonia. Many times dystonia is diagnosed as TMJ...and folks think of dystonia as repetitive jerking or spasms, but it can be very subtle, especially at first. It can cause a stiff neck and/or jaw and face.

    It can be a primary disease in and of itself, or a secondary symptom of something like MS.

    Here's an interesting youtube video of a young man (he didn't have MS) who had cervical dystonia (there are several types dealing with the face/mouth/neck) and the trouble he had getting diagnosed. So it's worth checking out the symptoms to see if they fit.