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Kingrex In A World Of Hurt

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    Kingrex In A World Of Hurt

    I was walking through my house a month ago when I slipped and fell with all my 200+ pounds on my right arm. I thought at first, as I lay there, that I'd fractured some part of the arm, but I did not. I did, however, rip the supraspinatus tendon (the primary tendon of the rotator cuff) completely away from the head of the humerus, which requires surgery to repair.

    I had the surgery this week on Wednesday afternoon, under general anesthesia, and was sent home the same day...and wow, am I in pain and discomfort. I'm on Percocet and a strong dose of Valium, but my arm is in a contraption that holds it away from my body, which is very uncomfortable, and I'm still in a lot of pain. And the general anesthesia has pretty much paralyzed my colon, so I know y'all can relate to that...bummer of the worst kind. I couldn't even pee for 24 hours. Hoping to poop tomorrow

    What shocked me was that the surgeon never came out to speak to my wife after the surgery, or even speak to me after I was awake and extubated. I've never heard of this before...and while my goal is always to get a quality job, not necesarily a touchy-feeley experience, I do want someone to reassure my wife that I'm not dead. I also would have liked to know the condition of my tendon, as this impacts the result.

    Anyway, I'm alive...but I'm a Hurtin' Gator, as we used to say up at school in Gainesville.


    I'm sorry you're hurting so much, Rex!

    My son had a similar injury followed by a similar surgery several years ago, and he was in considerable pain afterwards despite the painkiller the surgeon prescribed. It did start to improve in a day or two, if I'm remembering right.

    Hang in there...things will get better, and "things" will get moving, too.


      WOW a big OUCH!!!! Sounds maybe easier to have a break than a tear like that..yikes.

      So can you lay down? and how do you type?

      Continued pain-free as possible. Glad someone is there with you.

      Hugs..gentle hug, Jan
      I believe in miracles~!
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        hoping for your speedy recovery and lots of tlc at home


          Too bad! And too bad about the surgeon's churlish behavior.

          Somebody should have spoken to your wife, it seems to me. Hospitals seem to have major problems with communication, and that is scary.

          If you're taking care of yourself, you're probably in the best hands.
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            Healing vibes to you! That is a tough surgery. I totally agree the surgeon should have spoken to you and/or family. The surgeon has not always talked to me after, but has talked with whoever was with me.


              Ouch, ouch, ouch!!!!! My cousin had the same but with his hip. He had to sleep with a wedge between his legs to keep his leg strait. I hope you heal quickly my thoughts will be with you, take care and be well.
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                I'm so sorry you're in so much pain, Rex. I'm hoping it abates quickly.

                And shame on that surgeon for not speaking with you or your wife. I've never heard of such a thing. I hope that the nurses at least gave you your post-op instructions? And that you have a follow-up appointment soon with your surgeon or orthopedic doctor?

                Please feel better soon.


                  Thanks All

                  You're all very kind...thanks for thinking of me.

                  Typing is irritating unless I take my time and use my left hand. As for TLC at home, I'm blessed to have the sweetest wife on earth...and she has an uncanny ability to come up with perfect solutions to whatever the problems seem to be. When things are at their worst, she always manages to be at her best.

                  Failure to communicate with patient or family following surgery - in particular, those surgeries done under general anesthesia - is, to my mind, an egregious lapse on the part of the surgeon. Sadly, as patients it's not in our best interests to make a big deal of it while we're under the ongoing care of the offending doctor..that's just the unfortunate reality of it. Short of physical or sexual abuse of a patient, the doctor is always right; his admissions represent the lifeblood of the hospital. Anyway, it's over.

                  Sleeping in the recliner as best I can...will see the surgeon on Tuesday. Thanks again to all!



                    I see you are sleeping in a recliner, that is good. I did that for my first repair to my Lt Shoulder ( I fell, dislocated my shoulder and shredded the ligament/muscle that attaches to the femur.) For my second surgery on the same shoulder ( because I fell again and guess which arm I fell on and broke my collar bone in 2 spots while I was at it) A new surgeon decided to remove 3" of my collar bone and repair the rotator cuff again. Now I have three screws holding it all in place, with a very stern " Next time it will be a complete shoulder replacement" Anyway what I was getting at was, with this surgery, I propped pillows behind me so I couldn't roll over, one between my knees and one under my elbow/hand and actually got to sleep in the same bed as my husband.
                    It does get better, pain wise, but then there is physio therapy and those exercises. I now have appro 90% ROM in my Lt Shoulder and approx 70% total strength in the arm. Add that to the MS and it makes it interesting.
                    I"m glad you have a supportive wife, because with her help, you will get through this. I cannot stress the importance of excerising that arm/shoulder in another week or two.
                    Wishing you the best and praying for a speedy recovery.
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                      I am surprised that your surgeon did not speak to you or your wife. I have had a frozen shoulded twice and they are extremely painful. The pain continued for well over a year. I hope this will not be so in your case. I hope when you see the surgeon on Tuesday he will have an explaination fore his lact of concern. I will be praying that thion gs go well for you.



                        Originally posted by Sparky10
                        Oh man, Rex! Why'd it have to be the rotator cuff?! I too am sorry you are hurting.

                        Once the healing process is done, I hope you go for PT. If I hadn't after my own injury (no where near as drastic as yours), I would not be able to raise my right arm properly.

                        Please take care of you, and heal well! Hug your wife as often as possible!
                        Sparky, thanks. As for hugging my wife...I'm the world's worst offender. Nobody is as mushy as I am with my wife...Married 27 years, I still sit next to her in restaurants so I can hold her hand and kiss her, probably to the nausea of everyone else in the place (I don't care). She is the air that I breathe .



                          Originally posted by 1936siol View Post
                          I am surprised that your surgeon did not speak to you or your wife. I have had a frozen shoulded twice and they are extremely painful. The pain continued for well over a year. I hope this will not be so in your case. I hope when you see the surgeon on Tuesday he will have an explaination fore his lact of concern. I will be praying that thion gs go well for you.

                          Thanks Lois...but I'm not going to discuss it with the surgeon. It won't help me now, and unfortunately we need them more than they need us as individuals. I just want to get better now.



                            Hey Rex,

                            Hope your pain calms down soon.

                            In regards to the surgeon, I've had plenty of surgeries over the my husband is used to talking to the surgeons post surgery. Best surgeon communicator, who did 3 of my surgeries, was also a prof at the local medical school. being a teacher type, he'd explain in detail what had gone on.

                            After my last pump surgery the neuro surgeon didn't show up to talk to him, and he was hopping mad. he had the surgeon paged, and he did eventually connect with my husband. IMO, it's nothing short of emotional neglect of a patient and his family...yep, they did their job for the "body" by performing the surgery, but we are more than bodies. I known you tend to cut doctors a break, but If no one complains, don't how will their behavior ever be challenged or changed.


                              Rex -

                              I started reading this thread thinking I need to wish Rex wishes to feel better... I ended reading your last posts with a tear in my eye and a smile on my face.

                              I am 42 and was just married in September and I must say you are officially my hero... My hubby and I sit next to each other at restaurants, have from the first date, we still hold hands, talk and laugh all the time. People have said so many times that it's all the newlywed feeling, but we keep saying that we hope 25 years from now we're still sitting next to each other and holding hands. Reading your posts about your wife are proof to me that most other people have it wrong

                              I do hope you feel better soon, but also know that with the support you and your wife are to each other, there is nothing the two of you won't get thru together.

                              Hugs to both you and your wife!