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spasticity..stiffness in shoulders

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    spasticity..stiffness in shoulders

    oh, I ache and ache in my shoulders and neck, and between my shoulder blades. It hurts so bad, my skin actually hurts to touch it. Now it aches down my arms, and my arms stay so weak. Last time my Dr. considered it an exacerbation, and I did home IV steroids. I've started on Baclofen, and now 3 weeks later, it's back again, with a vengence. Miserable......
    Diagnosed 8/25/11 Copaxone
    Phil 4:13

    Just wanted to acknowledge your pain and suffering. I can relate somewhat and also take Baclofen.

    Have you contacted your Neuro's office? What are they doing/saying? You may need more than Baclofen.

    Hang in there best you can.. hopefully others with same symptoms will come on this thread to offer more help.

    Gentle hugs, Jan
    I believe in miracles~!
    2004 Benign MS 2008 NOT MS
    Finally DX: RR MS 02.24.10


      Me too!

      I usually have issues with spacticity in my legs. I just did a home steroid treatment. My legs feel better, but now it seems to have moved into my neck, back, and shoulders. I also just began taking baclofen.

      I think the cold weather is making my symptoms worse. The spacticity has definitely gotten worse.

      Hope you feel better soon and get some answers from your docs.

      Have a great new year. Hopefully with less pain.