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Am I the only one not seeing many dr's

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    Originally posted by tommylee View Post
    I have not seen any Dr's of any type in the past year.

    I used to go every 6 months but they can never do anything to help so I just quit going.

    It just seems like alot of trouble and expense to have someone stand in front of me and shrug their shoulders and tell me nothing new.

    If I start to feel alot worse I will go back but for now I prefer to avoid them.
    Seeing a Dr just seems to depress me so for now I just do what I can thru nutrition and staying active.

    Like you...I don't need nor feel it necessary to go see my neuro. They want MRI's every 6 months...why? Blood work every 6 months...why? Not a darn thing can be done so I don't feel it is warranted to put myself through the expense or have my medical insurance costs rise. I refuse to medicate myself to the point of not REALLY knowing how I feel as so many dr.s want people to do. I know many have far more issues than I do and must take pain meds.

    I am blessed to have found things like swimming, pilates and meditation that seem to address many issues. Nutrition has become a focal point recently and I have no doubt that will help greatly as well.
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      I don't see many either. Neuro I've seen a lot lately, GP is also my OB/GYN so I see her at least every six months. Other than that I don't see anyone else yet. ^_^
      Dx RR MS - April 1st, 2010. (19 yrs old)
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        So far I see a neuro for MS, and allergist for allergies, and a PA for boring medical stuff I rarely have, because other than the MS and the allergies, I am (knock on wood) very healthy.

        I *am* being sent to a neuro-ophth next month, but I'm guessing that is more about figuring out if my eye issue is ON or something else, and not so much about future care.


          Originally posted by Toomnyhats View Post
          I go to my chiro every 4-6 wks for "maintenance" & use her as my GP.
          Uh, just so you know - your chiropractor is not a medical doctor. I'm sure she is very nice, but chiropractors really shouldn't allow patients to believe that they are a legitimate substitute for a medical doctor.



            don't be too concerned, i think i have read post from you that you have seen your fair share of specialist for various health issues---i think(i live in the US, so i don't know) in other countries with NHS, a gp identifies a potential neurological problem, refers to a neuro who diagnose & stabilize then pass them back to a GP to treat/maintain a patient with a chronic condition.

            Its just with tysabri & the PML risk, there are 6 month neuro appointments required.

            as the new meds get more time under their belt, I'm expecting diagnosis with stabilization to be done by a neuro then maintenance to be done by a gp.

            thats my prediction for the healthcare future. your a leader of the crowd. i see my neuro and ignore letter from my GP that my yearly physical is do. When i hurt & the neuro won't prescribe something, i won't ignore the GP yearly reminder.


              Neuro every 6 mo (for the most part) and GP whenever I need. I don't even go to the GP as a yearly routine. Maybe I should but it gets so sickening, just going to Drs and having it feel like a big waste of time. Wait wait wait and they come in, ask a couple questions, and that's it. Just seems so pointless...


                Also not many MS docs

                Hi, Scooter!

                I don't see many doctors for MS, either.

                When I first joined MSWorld, sometimes that worried me when I would see some of the posts on the boards. But think of it this way: you're probably not going to have a question to post if everything is going really well. (I'm knocking on wood right now.)

                But, also a good thing that you asked. The neuro who diagnosed me didn't even refer me to a specialist, though one of the city's larger MS clinics is in the same neurology practice where she works. Needless to say, I left that practice pretty quickly.

                My New Year's wish for you: that you don't have to add any doctors to your team this year!


                  I don't even see a GP, just an OBGYN and a neuro.
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                    No, you are not alone.

                    I have just been put on a yearly check up with both my neuro and GP, unless something comes up before then.

                    Before it was every 6 mos w/neuro and every 3 mos w/GP!


                      Originally posted by kingrex View Post
                      Uh, just so you know - your chiropractor is not a medical doctor. I'm sure she is very nice, but chiropractors really shouldn't allow patients to believe that they are a legitimate substitute for a medical doctor.


                      Agreed kingrex.


                        Right now I expect only a couple of extra non-annual visits to my primary (finding the best statin dose) and neuro appointments annually going forward (I suppose maybe with MRIs - it's a research & teaching clinic/hospital).

                        But I had to laugh looking backward! In the past two years (i.e., since first sx) I've seen *9* different docs, and all but one of them at least twice. Five were neuros: 2 general (the 1st got sick), 1 'EMG/Peripheral Nerve/Muscle', 1 stroke and 1 MS. The primary, ophthalmologist, physiatrist (for my back) and back surgeon round out the list.

                        Super luckily for me, the symptoms from my June stroke completely disappeared after a month, and my July back surgery and subsequent P.T. have gone extremely well.

                        I definitely see reducing doctor time as increasing my quality of life!

                        -- Mark
                        1st sx 11/26/09; Copaxone from 12/1/11 to 7/13/18
                        NOT ALL SX ARE MS!


                          I think the number of doctors one must see varies on how "healthy" one is - outside of the obvious MS of course.

                          I go to the MS neurologist every 6 - 12 months depending on how things are going. But at least this neuro will attend to my brain tumor and seizures, whereas my prior neuro wanted me to see other specialists for the non-MS neuro problems.

                          Of course if one has a brain tumor and needs brain surgery one must see a neurosurgeon, no other way through that.

                          My pregnancies were all high-risk and I needed not only my regular OB-GYN but a perinatologist and geneticist.

                          I've needed a surgeon for biopsies and when my asthma got really bad I had to see a lung specialist. Every few years when my recurrent UTI's get really bad, my primary and neuro insist I get checked by a urologist. For suspected skin cancer, my primary care said she didn't want to do a biopsy, I needed a dermatologist.

                          If I were lucky and didn't have all the other ailments, seeing my family doctor and neuro once a year would be great; I'd prefer not to make a career of doctor visits.

                          I think there should be a law that one person can have only one disease at a time. Cure the MS and I'll take on one of the others!