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Severe Leg Pain

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    Severe Leg Pain

    I have been through 3 MRI have Lesions, but have officially been told "not MS at this time".

    I have constant headaches, tingling in arms and legs (gone for now), very heat sensitive and now for the last 2 weeks severe leg pain. In around the knees, and hip area. Feels like I ran a marathon the night before. Sitting for long periods also makes it very bad.

    I have not seen the doctor yet, will be making a trip soon. I seen a neurologist and he said it has nothing to do with my lesions and would not do another MRI. It has been a year since my last one...

    Do the symptoms sound like MS????

    The problem with symptoms is that even though they may be consistent with MS symptoms, there are also lots of other diseases that can present in the same way.

    What I would ask the neuro for is symptomatic meds. You don't have to be diagnosed to get meds to relieve your symptoms. See if he can determine why the leg it spasms/spasticity (after sitting awhile pain might be that) or if it's neuro related.

    And there are meds for tingles and sensory symptoms. When I was going through the diagnosis process it really helped to have meds to take to deal with the symptoms.

    Hope you get some answers.


      Brain lesions can be caused by a number of other things including even migrains. Multiple sclerosis lesions are different than other lesions in shape and location. MS is a disease of exclusion. All other things need to be ruled out first. I would ask the doctor what other tests he could do to rule out other things and in his opinion what may have caused the lesions. I would also ask him what he suspects might be the cause of your symptoms and what can be done to move forward toward a diagnosis.