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Neuro appt today... post MRI

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    Neuro appt today... post MRI

    So I go at 1530 to see my neuro and talk about medication change.. I feel so tense/nervous.. I am bringing info on LDN just incase... I was on Copaxone.. and I REALLY don't like reading all the side effects of all the other meds. I don't know what she thinks about LDN, I just learned about it recently... so wish me luck!

    My husband is going with me, so that will be a relief having him there with me.

    Originally posted by sengelhardt View Post
    I REALLY don't like reading all the side effects of all the other meds.
    I don't read them I am meeting with my neuro in 3 weeks to start a management strategy. I have never taken any DMD. If I start to read all of the side effects I will either A) Not take the DMD B) convince myself I have one of the side effects I read about.

    I'm going to let him choose the first DMD and If I have side effects at least I'll know that I didn;t plant the seed!
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      Ugg, I don't know if I could blindly take any medication... I need to know the potential risks before I choose something.. Yesterday went well, my neuro and I discussed ALL the options, including a new one that is still in clinical trials, its a once a year infusion?? Compath or something like that.. I am still early in the MS diagnosis and not really a candidate, but it was promising to hear about it.

      We ultimately chose Rebif for me... I was looking into changing to an everyother day med anyway, I came to hate doing the shots every day, but I choose copaxone based on the minimal side effects.

      I asked about betaseron, but I had already read about how you have to 'mix' the solution before you inject, and I am a super busy mom, wife, student, HR professional and I bairly have time to do the copaxone.. LOL so after talking all the risks over with my neuro, rebif sounded ok to me. Apparently rebif has the same injection issues as copaxone, which I tolerated for 6 months, so I guess I exchanged a more painful shot for less work.. LOL