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Flare? Not a Flare? How will I know?

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    Flare? Not a Flare? How will I know?

    I went to my neuro today because he had mentioned once about a med for fatigue. He never gave it to me though.
    Thursday night at work the fatigue hit me all of a sudden like a freight train. I could hardly even function and from about midnight, when it hit, and 7am I dozed off or fell asleep probably 50 times or so. Even while I was standing a couple of times. I have never in my life felt like this. I had gotten plenty of sleep that day, even more than I usually do. I was so scared because if any of the supervisors would have caught me dozing or sleeping I would have been walked out right then and there. I even wrote gibberish on some of my paperwork while in a dozing state.

    Come Saturday my arms and legs were tingling and extremely weak, I keep falling backwards, not to the side, my balance is way off, I have been having tremors and my "little earthquakes" are back, when it feels like my bones are shaking. I have been having muscles twitches and or spasms in my arms legs and side. I feel like I am rocking or shaking all the time.

    I go to neuro today for something for fatigue and explain to him what else is happening and he says he doesn't think it is a flare but that my brain is "changing"...changing?...what does he mean by that...does he mean rerouting or something of the sort...finding a different pathway? I don't know. How will I know when I have a flare, because I am feeling pretty darned bad right now.
    DX 10/26/11

    A true flare-up of the disease? The general medical consensus is if you have new (neurological) symptoms, or the recurrence of previous ones, that last longer than 48 hrs., then you're dealing with a flare-up. Call your neuro and let him/her know! If they're worth their salt, they'll make time to see you.

    Good luck! I remember reading that you're awaiting a diagnosis. I hope you get some answers soon!
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      You didn't say how long you've been diagnosed or when your last exacerbation was, but it will take you a while to figure out what's old damage acting up, or new damage. Mostly, unless it's a dramatic shift or something you've never experienced before, it's just acting up, or what's called a "Pseudo-exacerbation".

      Here's a very good explanation