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Just got a call from my neuro with diagnosis:(

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    Hi Grace! I haven't checked back here for a week or so, but thought I'd take a peek. Thank you! Yes, you and I are friends on the other site I like my privacy so i wont say on here, but you know who I am

    I had no idea about the consortium being willing to talk to my doctor though. That's awesome! Let's talk soon

    Blessings and hugs!


      I've never heard of NMO so I don't have any helpful advice. Just wanted to say I'm sending healing thoughts your way.
      2001: 1st 2 relapses, "probable MS." 2007: 3rd relapse. Dx of RRMS confirmed by MS specialist. Started Cpx. (Off Cpx Feb 08-Mar 09 to start a family; twins!) Dec '09: Started Beta. Oct '13: Started Tecfidera. May '15: Considering Gilenya.


        Thank you HOPE32!! I really appreciate it!

        Blessings to you!


          So I got the results from my blood tests today...

          NMO antibody 1.265 negative
          ANA 320 positive
          SSA/SSB 0 negative

          My doctor wants to repeat them in 6 months and told me if I have any problems out of my ordinary day to day symptoms to call and come in immediately. Sounds to me as if he is not trusting the test results.

          Shouldn't the NMO be 0, either you have the antibody or you don't? I know that this test gives a 30% false negative rate and that I read somewhere that positive ANA's are more likely to be found with NMO than MS.

          Anyone have any ideas? Waiting for 3 weeks for the test results drove me crazy now I have to wait 6 months for another!