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anyone else hear music?

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    And here i was thinking i was losing my mind. lol

    I have had this happen for years, but more recently the noises have started during the day when it's really quiet. I'm not quite sure what to make of it. Some days i will hear music and others it's voices. I've learned to ignore it but it used to freak me out because i would think someone was in my house.

    Another thing i have issues with is my ears start ringing, one or the other and sometimes both, at random times. It just starts ringing and can last anywhere from a few seconds to an hour. I can still hear over it but it's annoying. Maybe i should get my hearing checked.

    As for phantom smells, i have this all the time. The people i work with must think i'm nuts. I'll walk out in the warehouse and smell popcorn or baked potatoes. My 2nd opinion neuro labeled them as "phantom" smells because there is no source for me to being smelling it from. I don't mind that so much except it tends to make me hungry.

    Glad to know i'm not alone on this. Although i have an odd issue with my taste buds in the past couple months. Everything i eat just has this off taste to it. It'll smell and look wonderful and i know it's gonna taste amazing. Then i put it in my mouth and it's like bland or something. I'll have my bf try it and he say it taste great. I don't know, i'm just wondering if anyone else has had that type of problem?


      I sometimes wake up at night thinking I've heard the telephone ring, but it hasn't. Also sometimes I have ringing in my ears for about 10 seconds. Wonder if I'll start hearing music now!


        Yes. Last night it was Uriah Heep's Bird of Prey. I have a very active mind - sometimes a song will keep me awake. The songs are random and typically not a song I've heard in the recent past. I haven't listened to Uriah Heep in ages.

        I don't attribute the songs to MS. I'll also hear music and people talking when it's dead silent and I'm awake. It doesn't bother me and it isn't distracting, so it's not a big deal. It's kinda entertaining at times.

        My last MRI was in 2003 and I had about 30 lesions or so. I've had MS since 1988. But I don't think the radio in my head thing is an MS thing.

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          Oh Yes

          I talked to my neuro today about this topic. He told me its Auditory Hallucinations. I also hear music without lyrics at night without TV, radio or anything else on. Luckily its music I like and when I hear it, I'm trying to figure out the name of the song!! LOL I have also "heard" my neighbors talking outside my window all muffled, but they aren't there. I have also "heard" my back or front door open eventho there isn't anyone coming into the house. That one freaks me out at times!! When I sit up, the sounds go away, but the minute I lay down the sounds some back. Its kind of nice to know that I'm not really "crazy"!!!
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            The other morning, I'd just woke up and was still lying in bed, when I heard a digital beep. There is nothing in my room that makes that type of beep. The sound came from my head. It was weird!
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              hmmmm....perhaps we are aliens!

              I know my title to this post is strange; hopefully taken as funny, but...

              I am the same; 'hear' talking; sort of like a radio or t.v. is on. No music so far.

              This seems to happen to many of us. I told my DH that maybe we MSers are from another planet (often feel like it!) and we are tuned in funny!

              Or maybe we are receiving signals from our dental fillings being receptors of radio waves.

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                wow so we were all afraid to anti up! lol.

                i'm laying in bed reading this with tears coming down my face. THANK YOU. i haven't laughed this hard in idk how long. you guys are awesome.

                some of the stuff about the popcorn smelling potatoes at work, hearing noises in house and seeing bibles?? shashi wow. i was weak literally.

                we should keep this going. would make a great book. i told him and before i told my neuro i said listen i'm not crazy but......... than he began laughing he was actually weak and said it's MS. i'll email him tmrw and ask what the long winded name is for it.

                priceless this thread.
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                  A couple of the times that I have heard the music, which is always music I don't know, I have made up words to go with it and lay and sing my own little
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                    Ghost Hunters

                    I try to think of it like ghost hunters, the white noise machines. When I lay down at night I hear music because for some reason my brain is trying to make sense of all the ambient noise and it "CHOOSES" to make it process as music and talking. I thought I was totally crazy, but hey I'm not!

                    Wouldn't we make a great gameshow. Oh that would be great, the MS game show. Now you see/hear/smell/feel it, now you don't. hahahahahaha
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                      Music and Shadows

                      I have been hearing music (and seeing shadows) for over 8 years and I am just now in the midst of MS Dx. At that time I was diagnosed bipolar with rapid cycling and mixed states, and the music & shadows that would come and go have been considered pre- psychotic. Imagine my surprise when I saw on here that I wasn't the only one hearing music.

                      A very odd thing happened this evening...I hadn't been feeling great, started fixing & began feeling worse (but was determined to finish dinner, I was cutting carrots and it felt (sounded?) like metal (it hurt me teeth), then I began getting very queasy and it smelt like something was burning. I finally went and lied down, my legs were very gross movement twitchy and I was sweaty. After about 15 minutes all of it was gone, except the gross motor stuff. I feel sort of weak and my regular numb patch across my right cheekbone is in rare form. Very curious!
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                        I sometimes hear soft music.. LOL! I didn't want to tell anyone because I thought I was going nuts.

                        I am so glad I am NOT alone and not going nuts.

                        Thanks for posting this.
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                          I hear music constantly, and always have. My dad has this triat too. It has nothing to do with mental illness or MS. I suspect there is some small cluster of neurons that are constantly firing randomly, and my consciousness interprets this as melody and harmony. It can be very intense, especially after listening to music I like.

                          Frankly, I love it. I wouldn't trade it for anything.


                            I don't hear music but I hear a tv on somewhere. Can't make out what is being said but many nights I say oh no I left the tv on in the den and get up to turn it off. Well guess what, it was not on.

                            I never told anyone, was afraid they would thing I was crazy.


                              Wow, me too

                              I'm new to this forum and am not diagnosed. I recently began having symptoms that are consistent with MS. Recently I was laying in bed at night before going to sleep and I heard music. It sounded like it was off in the distance kind of. I couldn't tell what kind it was but definately music. I didn't know what to think. It did kind of freak me out but I dismissed it and never thought about it again until I read this thread. Wow. so weird.


                                Originally posted by Shashi View Post
                                Sometimes if there is background noise such as A/Cs or fans or rushing water, you'll get what is called audio matrixing. It's where your brain is trying to make sense of what you're hearing, so it "invents" something like music or voices that makes sense of the background noise. It's similar to visual matrixing where we see faces or pictures in smoke, clouds, etc. It's actually a normal phenomenon.
                                I guess that solves my "problem" (actually, I find it quite nice).

                                Now to figure out why sometimes it looks like entire rooms are filled with thick smoke on occasion.

                                My smelling will get so hypersensitive that I can tell if a person in a car driving by is smoking a cigarette.

                                My hearing goes from really bad to way too good, where everything seems too loud.

                                Sometimes my sense of taste is shot and everything tastes like meh.

                                I guess my body likes to keep things interesting.
                                [insert motivational quote here]

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