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Unable to find the right word or saying the wrong word - I'm losing my mind!

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    Unable to find the right word or saying the wrong word - I'm losing my mind!

    This has been happening so often lately, and I'm so mad at myself!! I struggle to speak, and often have pauses and hesitations, or I stumble over words. If this isn't frustrating enough, sometimes a completely erroneous word will come out. For instance, I was trying to say something about "breakfast" today and the word "birthday" came out. It's not a big deal when I'm with family as they know a little bit about the speech issues, but I'm an office manager and have to talk to both my employees and clients. I need to be able to communicate clearly without sounding ridiculous.

    Help! Is there anything I can do for this?

    Offering Support

    Hi Macaela,
    I don't have any answer for you, but want you to know that you are not alone. I too am looking for answers. It always helps me to know that I am not alone.


      I have the exact same problem and if I hear a word in the background (tv or another conversation) I will insert that word in place of the one I intended... If I am nervous or upset it gets so bad I studder and can not make a coherent statement.... I have trouble understanding what I read and have to read slowly and several times to make sure I comprehend it and even then I will mess it up... My family is constantly correcting me on things I read and say... The scariest is my family will tell me things I say that I have NO recollection of


        First- welcome to MSWorld! Second, you are not alone with not being able to come up with the right words! I seem to go in streaks with this problem! I also "stumble or hesitate" too, and it is frustrating! Although I don't work with the public anymore, it still is embarrassing at times.

        Sorry, but I don't have any answers for you in how to make this problem better. I think we just have to deal with it as best we can. Sad to say, it's just part of this stupid disease.


          mind games

          We can all relate. Don't 'beat yourself up' and get stressed about it or it will just get worse. Take a deep breath and calm down.

          I find sometimes the 'alphabet trick' works for a missing word or name. Just run through the alphabet in your head and sometimes when you hit the right letter you will remember.

          Just don't get mad at yourself IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT relax and welcome.
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            Many words, can't find them

            I too have many missing words that I can't find. When I try and talk, more often than I like to say, I have trouble remembering what I was just talking about. I have to have people help me with "What was I just talking about?, Sorry lost my train of thought, or the one I always use ... Having a Senior moment". It is sooo frustrating! I blame it on getting old. But I have to wonder ... is it part of some little things that are becoming bigger problems. Optic neuritis, leg issues at night, things at times falling out of my hands. Pain, stiffness and can't stretch out my legs and hamstrings. Dr says he thinks it is my back but I have other thoughts. No diagnosis but alot of questions. Some symptoms that come and go,some stay. Mmmm, sry lost my train of thought .... HELP me find them!!!!




              I too have this.

              I am using suppliments to help this, and I have noticed a difference. I am specifically using alpha lipoic acid (ALA) and acet-l-carnitine.

              There is many discussions on this forum about using it for fatigue. I use it for the fatigue, but have noticed an improvement in all the things that you discussed. I took a drug holiday from them because of financial reasons (they really are not that expensive) because things are getting tighter. But, I am going out and buying them again, looked for a buy one get one free sale. Check with your pharmacist for drug interaction.

              Also, speech therapy can help if your insurance covers this. They can help you with tricks to improve this. Going through the alphabet is a good trick that someone suggested.

              I also take folic acid, fish oil capsule, and a multivitamin for good brain health. This was a recommendation by my psychiatrist.Once again, I verified with my pharmacist that there was no drug interaction.

              Good luck
              God Bless and have a good day, Mary


                not good

                I also have this symptom. Along with losing words and thoughts as I am speaking (and looking like a fool) I also forget what I am doing. Walk from one room to the next, forget why I am there. Helpful people say, "I do this too". I bet they do not do it 56 times a day.

                I wonder if there is a link between this and loss of exercise. My feet and balance are so awful I can't walk or bike like I used to. Even swimming makes me nauseous. So since oxygenated blood is not being pushed to my brain I wonder if the thought degeneration is even worse. ugh.
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                  Thnk you all

                  I thought it was me. For me, other than not knowing what symptom I may wake up with, the "word drop" thing is the most frustrating part of MS. It's so embarassing and I feel so stupid!

                  This is a wonderful place to share. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I'm so glad I'm not alone with this issue.

                  Be well and may God bless...
                  "Tona Naze"
                  Symptoms for six years plus. Dx RRMS September 2011. Drugs??? Nope!!!


                    I also have this. I think this is one of the symptoms I hate the most...speech and memory.
                    These are things people can actually see or hear...and I never used to have a problem with people laughing at me because I was being silly, now it bothers me because I am not trying to be silly.
                    I haven't mentioned to anyone that this is a part of what I "may" have (i.e. MS) as I have not been diagnosed yet so people don't understand.
                    I have also noticed within the last couple of weeks that I am having a hard time making my tongue work properly and I am slurring and sometimes lisping when I speak.
                    Both very annoying symptoms.
                    DX 10/26/11


                      Speech/languiage therapy

                      I am a speech/language pathologist, and speech therapy can help a bit with this problem. Therapy would be aimed at finding your specific issues with memory/language, and then using compensatory strategies (tips and pointers) to help facilitate your speech.

                      I also wonder how many of you are older women. I am 55, and have word finding problems as well, and assumed it was the MS until my friends the same age as me reported the same problem!


                        and trying to tell a story or something I need to put together logically is almost impossible... I can see people just thinking... "get on with it willya" when I'm trying to say something that is more than a couple of sentences... annoying.


                          Lemstar- I am a 55 yr old male and also have the problem, I have just written it off to old age myself. I have a mojor problem with names myself.
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                            I go through the same thing (trouble finding the right word or misuse another word)...or I sort of stutter on getting the word out. I've wondered if it was the MS or because I'm turning 61 and it just "comes with age".

                   old are those of you dealing with the speech/word challenges?

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                              I'm 62, but I can remember instances many years ago when the "word drop" thing took place.

                              With me, when I experience this while talking, my mind goes totally blank for a moment; I can't find the word I was going to use. Sometimes I recover (after a minute or so) and resume speaking and sometimes I just have to end the conversation.

                              Very frustrating and very embarrassing.
                              "Tona Naze"
                              Symptoms for six years plus. Dx RRMS September 2011. Drugs??? Nope!!!