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    Survey Companies for side money

    Being "retired" and now being isolated, I have started doing surveys to earn a little extra money.

    I am currently using "Rare Patient Voice" and "Focus Group by Schlesinger." Both companies have you complete a personal profile and then try to match you with relevant surveys. If selected for a panel, they pay you $60-150 for a one hour online meeting. It's a time sink, but getting rewards are certainly welcome.

    Schlesinger also allows you to complete online only surveys where you can accumulate "currency" to purchase rewardd from a group of businesses.

    What other survey companies do you find worthwhile?

    I wish you well...

    I'm not sure if I can post the names of some surveys in Canada. They don't pay as well as Marco's but there are a lot of them, it takes a bit of time to earn enough points to get something but I'm sitting here anyway so might as well complete some. Most of my recent rewards were $20, $50 via paypal and a few different Amazon gift cards... $20, $50, etc. You can find a lot through google.
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