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    Not understanding

    I am trying to understand my companies position to allow some to work from home due to the COVID and why I am told they will think about letting me. Two supervisors are working from home every other day because,the ones wife has an autoimmune disease and the others fiance works as medic and the supervisors worry about their exposures? And yet I am the one with the autoimmune disease and go in daily? I'm top of that I have 2 elderly parents with health issues I check on. Oh they told me I could take off UNPAID but the supervisors are getting paid along with the ones whole department he is letting work from home. I think they are discriminating against me, but worse they don't care. (We had the virus go thru a part of the company in adjoining building)

    That seems really unfair, Gracie, and I'm sorry this is happening to you. Do they know you have autoimmune disease like one of the supervisor's wife??

    Is the office set up for physical distancing? Are your co-worker wearing masks and taking other precautions?

    Do you have a HR department you can talk to about your grievance? I don't have any suggestion beyond that and hope you can work things out.
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      Seasha asked some really important questions. How much your employer knows about your personal health is a key question. The other question I have: are you on any of the treatment meds that are a true immunosuppressant versus immunomodulators? If you are and your employer is aware of your diagnosis, it may be something to consider discussing as an elevated risk.

      On the flip side, is your supervisor or anyone in your immedicate group working from home? Is it a job that you can easily work from home? Are your responsibilities the same as the other group who are all working from home? Is it a job where they can tell easily if you are bing producutive from home?

      If they are aware, or even if not aware, it may be time for your doctor to assist you in putting in an accomodation request to work from home. If they are not aware of your diagnosis, the accomodation doesn't have to disclose that you have MS, just that you have a medical condition that requires the accomodation to work from home. If the answers to the questions in "the flip side"paragraph are yes, I would think they would have a hard time saying no. If you need a laptop or other equipment to work from home, that can be part of the request. The accomodation could be worded to allow you during the pandemic, or could be broader and open ended as to how long. It is a big step to take, but for your personal safety, and your parents, it may be worth it. It is your call.

      If your company doesn't need a physical presence in the office, it amazes me that a company would choose to put people at risk regardless of their personal home situation. I hope this resolves for you soon.
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