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STD coordination with paid sick leave

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    STD coordination with paid sick leave

    I filed for FMLA for the full 12 weeks. I had enough paid sick leave accumulated to cover the full 60 days (I am a teacher, and it carries over from year to year). I didnít know at that time if I would return or not at the end of the 12 weeks, and because I was receiving full pay, I did not file for disability insurance.

    Currently (I have 2 weeks left of FMLA), my neurologist is advocating me to file for short-term disability with an unknown date of return (it is an individual policy, and I have a 14 day elimination period and maximum benefit period of six months). I am fine with doing this, as my symptoms are still preventing me from teaching right now.

    My question is this: will my short-term begin paying when my paid leave is up or do they do a look back based on my date of disability and deduct 3 months from the 6 months? I canít find the answer in the policy, and have not been able to speak to an agent. My HR is helpful, but I am waiting to hear back from her.


    If the policy is independent, I would think you would be entitled to the full benefit of the 6 month policy.

    I would think the disability date would start when you file, based on the date you provide and medical docs to support. The policy should specify the reporting requirements.

    Even if they back date the disability date to your FMLA date, they should owe you a back award (3 months), plus the coverage for the next 3 months. If you paid the premium for a 6 month STD policy, they should be on the hook for 6 months of benefits.

    Good luck. Hope you get your answers quickly.
    DX 01/06, currently on Tysabri