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    Intermittent FMLA

    I was talking to a co-worker who said she got IF for her stenosis. I think this would be a huge relief to me to get because if I take sick time I have to get it documented and I no longer drive. I have 90 sick days saved. If we don't get documentation it's considered "sick abuse" if we go over five in a rolling calendar year and I've used three. Doing so would put me on HR's radar, so far I haven't disclosed or asked for anything. I think if I have a flare it would also give me one less thing to do.

    I had intermittent FMLA the last three years I worked. Having that allowed me to take time unexpectedly and not get penalized for it not being scheduled ahead. If you do use intermittent FMLA, the time counts towards overall FMLA time.

    During a flare, it would depend on how long I was out whether that was used. My company's policy was anything out longer than 5 days was Short term disability and automatically invoked FMLA. So the first 5 days, I just used regular sick time, sometimes not invoking FMLA, depending on where I was at in the rolling 12 month FMLA cycle and also where I was at in the company unscheduled time off policy.

    Once I switched to getting Tysabri infusions, I would use a half day or full day for the infusion. I also used it for physical therapy and doctors appointment. Even though I used paid sick or vacation time, FMLA could still be charged. So for some Tysabri appts, I would not invoke FMLA because I didn't want the time charged. Some I did, because my boss might not have wanted me to take a vacation that day because of project schedules, so this allowed me an out..

    I hadn't disclosed up until this point. I don't think you have to disclose the specific condition, but that your neuro has to state you have medical condition that is responsible for unscheduled treatment and/or scheduled absences.

    Just make sure you fully understand how your time is counted and how the FMLA policy is used, whether rolling 12 month period or calendar year. Most people assume that FMLA is unpaid time off, but for many companies it includes paid time off as well.
    DX 01/06, currently on Tysabri