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    I just received a "new member form" from my health insurance (Blue Cross FEP) for an AccordantCare program. The form asks me for my health status and questions like "how many times have you gone to the emergency room in the past year?". The attached letter describes this as a "free benefit" for those with a "chronic health condition". I am generally distrustful of anyone, especially insurance companies, that want information on my health.

    Does anyone have experience with this? I'm not sure really what it is or if it is worth me giving this information to them.


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    Hi Mike.

    I also have access to Accordant Care through my insurance. I have Cigna PPO.

    I did sign up originally, probably a few years ago now. They assigned me a nurse who was supposed to check in with me by phone on a regular basis — I don’t remember the frequency, maybe every 6 weeks or so. She would basically ask how I was feeling, whether I was taking my meds regularly and properly, if I was seeing my neuro regularly for follow-up, whether I had seen any other health professionals, and whether I had any questions about my meds, symptoms, or anything else.

    In addition to the phone check-ins, they send monthlyish health pamphlets with subjects like “Should I get a flu shot,” “How to stay healthy during cold/flu season,” “Why it’s important to continue to see your primary care doctor for regular physicals and go to the dentist.”

    Personally, I found that it was a redundant service. I consider myself well-educated, we live in a suburban area with good resources, and I have excellent medical care from doctors I trust. I already have (and check-in regularly with) a PCP, neuro, therapist, PT, pharmacist, specialty pharmacy, and patient support from multiple pharma companies. My husband is an executive with good benefits, so I’m lucky that I don’t have to worry about how to pay for my meds or get adequate care.

    I began to see the calls as a waste of my time and precious energy and dropped out of the Accordant program this year.

    That said, I could see how it might be beneficial for someone with fewer reliable health resources to have an ongoing relationship with the Accordant nurse. I certainly think that it could be helpful for someone who is having a hard time accessing appropriate services, treatments, or medical information to have somewhere to ask questions and get personalized assistance.

    I’m sure this is more info than you were looking for! Hope there’s something here that helps!

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      A lot of insurance companies provide general wellness benefits that are similar, and also an extra benefit for managing chronic complex conditions like MS, RA, diabetes, etc...They feel if they are actively involved in managing a condition that it costs them less in the long run by being proactive.
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        My former employer provided thru my Blue Shield PPO general wellness care consulting. My assigned nurse would call periodically. At first I was hesitant in giving details but was more comfortable as time passed. The discussions were not too detailed of my personal situation and it seemed they were pushing the preventive to keep their costs down.