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Looking for input - how to leave a job w/o disclosing?

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    Looking for input - how to leave a job w/o disclosing?

    About six months ago I was feeling pretty "good". "Good" as we all know is relative, (I have SPMS, Meniere's neurogenic bladder and am bipolar) I was tired of being isolated - I had moved back to my hometown to care for my dad (who passed away in 2015). I went to the local bureau of disability services, they assigned me to a "job coach"- who did little to assist me but meet with me once a week with jobs that were totally inappropriate for me to do (retail sales, grocery store restocking, you get the idea). On my own I found a PT job working for a vet's office. I was hired and they told me I'd be working 15-20 hrs. max as a receptionist. I've been there six months now, and the 15-20 hrs were a bit of a joke, most of the time I am there at least 24 per week. 6 weeks ago a coworker quit abruptly, I have been working closer to 25-40 hrs a week.

    My body started to rebel, in August I awoke to symptoms of right sided numbness and weird "cramping" in my back and legs. I thought I was having a stroke, but I went to the ER, the doctor who saw me said it was an acute exacerbation of my MS, referred me back to my neurologist. Three days of IV Solumedrol - and I was a bit better, but still have residual weakness on my right side (couldn't unlock the doors at work yesterday a.m).

    Bottom line, I really like my job, the income ($9.50/hr) helps (I'm on SSDI) but I'm afraid I really cant do it and also working all those extra hours are going to put me over the limits SS allows one to work every month.

    I realize I need to either as for reduced hours (but am afraid they won't abide) or quit this job. I already had to cancel an appt. I have with my neurologists NP next week (can't get the day off ) who was supposed to teach me how to straight cath (I have an interstim that no longer works) and have skipped PT appt. they also wanted me to go to because of work. I'm going to need to take 3 days off to go to appointments (my MS Center is 4 hours from home) in November.

    Any advice on how either ask for reduced hours or how to quit without disclosing my reasons? I feel so guilty leaving, but am also so anxious at the thought of losing SSDI and not taking care of myself.
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    Since you were hired part time I would let them know that you really like your job and due to personal commitments, you really can't work any more hours than originally hired. Let them know that while you tried to accommodate their needs due to your coworker's departure, you really can't anymore. You don't need to disclose what these commitments are and what you do in your time off from work.

    Good luck. Hope you get over your relapse quickly.
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