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Neural Sleeve to help MS patients be more mobile

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    Neural Sleeve to help MS patients be more mobile

    Cionic Nets $12.5M to Develop AI-powered Mobility Garments Platform helped originate Neural Sleeve to help MS patients be more mobile

    Bionic clothing innovator Cionic has received $12.5 million to further develop a platform that produces wearable, artificial intelligence-powered garments for people with mobility issues.

    The platform has helped create the Neural Sleeve, a leg-worn garment that enables people with conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS) to become more mobile. The Series A financing is expected to accelerate research trials and commercial development of the assistive technology for other indications that affect mobility.

    The Neural Sleeve, which is available in multiple sizes and colors, helps MS patients and others with mobility-related conditions walk better. The lightweight leg-worn garment senses movements during walking and electrically stimulates muscles.

    Such activity can help to reduce walking issues caused by muscle weakness or foot drop, a condition wherein the front of the foot doesn’t lift when taking a step. Patients who have foot drop are more likely to fall, especially on uneven surfaces or stairs. Cionic’s Neural Sleeve first AI-driven wearable garment In March, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized Cionic to market the device, the first to meld movement analysis with augmentation to produce a wearable garment. The company had submitted the Neural Sleeve four months earlier.

    The flexible Neural Sleeve has multiple sensors that permit it to analyze, predict, and augment the wearer’s movement through the use of algorithms. The sensors can read the signals sent from the brain to the muscles and predict a person’s movement 1/10th of a second before their foot lifts off the ground. This gives the device time to deliver electrical stimulation that activates the muscles needed for a more natural movement, and provide real-time adjustments. The device also helps reduce pain and reduce anxiety and depression, according to reports from those who have worn it. After the FDA clearance, Cionic launched its Founders program, wherein patients could preorder the Neural Sleeve for $200. That program sold out and the company opened an Explorer Program that will deliver the device through February 2023.


    I used a bioness stimulator that picks up my foot because I have drop foot. This looks like it would be comfortable and will help many people.
    I would be interested in getting one if my bioness ever stopped working.
    God Bless Us All