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Porto Mobility Ranger D09 wheelchair

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    Porto Mobility Ranger D09 wheelchair

    I've reached the point where I need something other than my faulty legs to get around outside the house, and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this brand of wheelchair or their importer? There are mostly good reviews on that South American river, but because it's not manufactured in the US I have some concerns about repairs and customer support.

    I want something that will not only last for a while but that can go through grass, gravel, and dirt (within reason!) and up hills. I also need one that's light enough for someone to lift in and out of the trunk of the car. I'm open to suggestions if anyone knows of a better one!


    I'm just kicking this up a notch.

    I too am keeping an eye open as to mobility equipment and the issues you mention.

    Hoping others with knowledge comment.

    Ps, The Do9 looks exceptional but toggle / joy stick need be flopped, and battery(s) removal needs to be accomplished with one hand, aside from the 50+ pound weight.


      What I have wouldn't fit your need for lifting it in and out of a vehicle. My DRIVE power chair goes pretty well through grass, gravel and dirt and up hills. But, it is heavy and is removed from the vehicle either with a lift or driving it up and down ramps.
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        502, I'm only considering this one because I only leave the house accompanied by one of my grown children, so all that heavy stuff will be on them! I have wondered if I'll be able to change the batteries by myself, because sometimes my hand strength is nonexistent.

        Mamabug, I love the kind you have, but my lovely SUV had to be scrapped a while back, and we're limited now to two small 4-door sedans. Whatever I get will have to fit in one of them.

        I have some new health issues to deal with over the next 2 weeks, but if they have a positive outcome I'll be ordering this chair and let you all know how well it works.