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Mobility scooters Brands

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    Mobility scooters Brands

    I was thinking of buying Scooter for my grandma, and she really liked the idea, but then I hoped on the internet to found couple of shops near me like, or

    Do you have any experience with these shops?

    And I see there are many brands of scooters, if you could tell me which one do you prefer the most and why that would be awesome.

    Hi WalkerO and welcome!

    I'm not familiar with any of the companies you listed as I live in the US.

    As far as models go, I have the Golden Buzzaround Extreme 4 wheel scooter and I'm extremely satisfied with it. I travel mostly on compacted gravel, my yard and sometimes down our country roads. The battery life is great - getting around 16 miles per charge. I recommend getting a 4 wheeler as opposed to a 3 wheeler for more stability. It can be disassembled to place in the back of a truck or SUV.

    It's wonderful that you are thinking to help your grandma! If you have a medical supply store nearby that sells mobility scooters, I would also recommend taking her to the store to test drive one before your purchase. That's what I did. There are so many models available and most are costly, so it would be beneficial to let her be a part of the experience to find one that is best suited for her.

    Hopefully, others can chime in and give more recommendations.
    Good luck!
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      Thanks for this information.