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Permobile power chair

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    Permobile power chair

    I just got a power chair last week. The wheels are so big on the side and it's so high, that my shower bench and bedside commode don't work. Has anyone had that problem?

    Hi Sara,

    I think this is a problem with all power chairs. I have a Pride Quantum Edge powerchair, and have the same problem. Definitely not same as a manual chair, where you can place your feet flat on the ground to transfer.

    Can't transfer on my own anymore, but when I still could, had to do it with my board at an incline. Could still do it with someone to help hold the board steady. Had grip material (Dysem or grip shelf liners work) taped onto one end of sliding board to help keep it from slipping on plastic surface. Tip from an OT. I also have long legs, so assume the helped.

    Don't know if there's any "safe" way of do it on your own with that incline. I did sometimes to the commode, but know it wasn't the safest thing to do.

    Maybe an OT could offer solutions? Best of luck, and let us know if you figure out anything.

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