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Vacations and Mobility aids and Guilt

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    Vacations and Mobility aids and Guilt

    Hi peeps,
    I can usually walk fine, but when I get hot and walk too much, my Achilles spazzes out and gets super tight. If I continue walking (like at Disneyland last summer because, you know, rides!) both my hips and eventually both legs get sore and tight from compensating for that Achillies that just won't chill out. Eventually I am a slow and limpy-which bothers me because taking our time is not how we run our vacations (we live on Maui, we take our time the rest of the year!) and I'm not super fond of pain I can't ignore.
    We're going on a trip this summer and lots of walking and possibly too much heat are on the itinerary. Barring a surprise ice age in the next month, I'm going to have some walking issues, especially at the end of the day.
    I've been thinking about getting a travel wheelchair to help on those days, but to be completely honest, I don't feel "disabled enough". I can still walk, so part of me feels like I should. The mom in me worries that I'll embarrass or stress out my kids if I used a chair. And part of me feels like using a chair would be a concession to disability.

    Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts? Anyone wish they waited to use a chair, or used one earlier? Any other mobility aids you'd recommend instead? Anyone travel with an Alinker?
    Bonus points if you've read this far
    Thanks Fabulous People!

    I've gotten over the "disabled enough" roadblock regarding mobility aids. I used to feel conspicuous getting wheelchair assistance through an airport, or using a rollator or mobility scooter on vacation. However, I only get away twice a year so I intend to enjoy myself as much as possible.

    I truly used to fear that others would judge me, but almost to a person.....people have been very kind and understanding of my need for a little assistance. Do whatever you need to do to ensure you and your family have a wonderful, stress-free vacation!


      I would definitely use a wheelchair when and where it will improve your quality of life. Using a wheelchair will allow you to do more things without overwhelming your body.

      By definition, MS is a chronic, progressive disease so you need to take precautions whenever afforded to you. Your kids will get over it... it can also be a great teaching moment for them.

      I wish I had used assistive aids earlier in the disease course so I could have participated in more activities. Instead I just declined activities that I couldn't physically handle. Big mistake as I was missing out on life.

      Consider getting cooling gear to also help you in the summer heat. Hopefully the drop in humidity will help you feel better.

      Ask your doctor for a PT referral to help you potentially improve your gait, strengthen your legs and possibly even try out a HFAD device.

      I wish you well...


        Thank you for your feed back/input. I appreciate the help!