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Planning a universal design kitchen

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    Planning a universal design kitchen

    I am in the process of moving into a first floor residential space that does not yet have a kitchen. I get to design it with the potential for universal design needs. Any tips or feedback are appreciated.

    So far:
    I´m thinking a cooktop with open space below instead of an oven
    Wall oven
    dishwasher drawer next to sink
    sink with open space below
    pull down shelves for any upper cabinets
    pull out shelves in the lower cabinets

    any ideas for an adjustable height island counter?
    any ideas for microwave placement?
    any ideas for lighting?
    any ideas for a pullout counter top at seat height?

    Has anyone had success at Lowes or Home Depot with a universal design kitchen designer?

    It sounds like you've given this much thought already, Temagami. So far I haven't had the need for remodeling my kitchen, so can't help with that, but here's some really good ideas you might consider (in case you haven;t already)
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