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Aldis has assistive devices right now ...

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    Aldis has assistive devices right now ...

    I realize we are probably (maybe?) from all over the world, but for the U.S.A. folks, right now Aldis has a pretty good selection of assistive devices. Toilet seats with handles, stability bars for the bed, stability bars for getting on and off the couch, a step stool with a tall handle, canes, simple wheelchairs, walkers, and even a mesh basket thingy that "climbs" up steps. That last thing looked a bit dangerous for most of us, but probably quite handy for some.

    Some of the items seemed to look a little flimsy to me, however I did purchase the step stool with the handle (I've been wanting one of those), put it together this evening, and I really like it ... it seems quite sturdy to me.

    Not officially diagnosed due to non-MS-specific spots on MRIs, but the neurologists all agree it's MS.
    Frustrated. January 2019: finally saw an MS specialist worth seeing. Maybe we'll get to the bottom of this.
    EDSS of 5.5, sometimes 6.0

    Thank you,for this thread I’m sure it will help some