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Please Recommend an Apple Peeler

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    Please Recommend an Apple Peeler

    Im hoping someone can give me some suggestions on getting an apple peeler as we're going to bushels lots of apples for the upcoming party and manual peelers aren't quite up to the task.

    What are people out there using?

    I have a peeler that also takes out the core. Do a search using "apple peeler corer slicer". It's really great when you have lots of apples to peel. I love mine!

    Have fun at the party!
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      I agree with Seasha about the Apple peeler, corer, and slicer. We have the clamp down model, not the suction one. Our daughter has the suction peeler and it loosens off from the table after about 3-4 juicy apples. I was able to process a bushel of apples by myself with limited dexterity! I also have one for my KitchenAid but you need perfect shaped apples. I still prefer the clamp down manual apple peeler.


        Thanks for the suggestion. Spending a few hours reading, I bought the Spiralizer Apple Peeler as it was recommeded by so many sites. It works quickly and easily. Apples (or potatoes as Ive also used) slide on and off the fork easily. Its very quick and saves me a lot of time, which is what I love!
        Most importantly, this peeler is easy to clean; sturdy and made well but not too heavy.
        Highly recommend for everyone if you're looking for one.