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Need suggestion for office chair

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    Need suggestion for office chair

    I’m hoping someone can give me some suggestions or point me in the right direction. I work 8-9 hours a day and suffering from soar/pain back muscles due to my MS.
    need appropriate chair to seat on
    Ergonomic office chair doesn't work for me because of swirling There are tons of chairs out there but does anyone know of a good office type chair that stays stable enough to transfer to.
    The concern is that the Ergonomic chair moves during the transfer and I might fall and get hurt.
    I need a seat with good back and Lombard support

    Any help would be highly appreciated

    Hi brave:

    I think we need more information if we're going to suggest a chair that might work for you.

    By "transfer," do you mean transfer from a wheelchair? If you're already using a wheelchair, why do you want to transfer to an office chair? What about the wheelchair isn't working in the office? Is it possible that you would benefit more from a new wheelchair than from an office chair?

    If you need a chair that stays stable for transferring, why won't a regular chair with fixed legs work for you? Is there a particular reason why it would need to be an office-style chair? Office-style implies that the seat swivels and it's on wheels, which sounds exactly like what you don't want.

    What features do you need that would make the chair have to be office style? Do you need adjustable arms, adjustable tilt, adjustable back? What features do you need that a regular fixed-seat, fixed-leg chair can't give you?


      Thank you very much for looking into my concern
      I'm using power scooter which is not suitable to sit for long hours.
      I can manage standing up from my scooter and transfer to office/regular chair myself.

      concern :
      1. regular chair with fixed legs doesn't have back/Lombard support so my weak muscles in mid/upper back feel soar and tiered after couple hours.
      2. due to weakness all over my body, on most regular chair with standard height I have difficulty transitioning from sitting to standing position.

      my need : a chair with back/Lumbar support (perhaps adjustable back) that I can sit and comfortably work for 8+ hours and preferably adjustable height or fixed height , about 1-1& half inch higher than regular standard chair

      Thanks in advance,


        There are "safety casters" that can be put on an office chair that have brakes to keep it from rolling. They are available on Amazon.

        Depending on the budget, I found fairly incredible chair called Vela Tango sold online. I've had cars that did not cost that much, but it appears to do everything you want, and then some. Why is that always the case?

        I used to wedge my office chair into the corner of the desk and L-shaped return to keep it from rolling while I sat down.


          Hi brave:

          You may or may not be happy with an office chair because they require that you control too many things that need strength you don't have. A standard office chair requires that you be able to control swiveling and rolling and height adjustments when you may not have the core strength to balance your body while you do all those things.

          So I can see a couple of options for you.

          It sounds like a great deal of your trouble is coming from the act of transferring. Maybe if you eliminated the need to transfer from your scooter to a chair, all of the other seating issues would go away.

          What if you were already sitting in a chair with good lumbar support that you could be comfortable in all day and didn't have to get out of? The back support issue would be solved. You wouldn't have to get up and down, so the seat height wouldn't be an issue. Since you wouldn't be transferring, there wouldn't be any problems with swirling or rolling, and you would eliminate the risk of falling.

          Maybe your best work chair would be a wheelchair.

          The other option is to move past the idea of a standard office-style chair and look at companies like Rehabmart that sell special-purpose, medically designed office chairs for people with disabilities. Some have electronically powered swivel and lift controls and a hand brake for the wheels.

          You could be very comfortable in an ergonomic chair with electronic controls for 8 or 9 hours (as long as you don't hurt yourself while transferring ).

          I hope you find a chair that works for you.


            Originally posted by kmallory1 View Post
            Depending on the budget, I found fairly incredible chair called Vela Tango sold online.
            If you are employed by someone else the cost of the chair could be considered a "reasonable accommodation" under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

            I wish you well.


              Originally posted by Marco View Post
              If you are employed by someone else the cost of the chair could be considered a "reasonable accommodation" under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
              The operative words here are "could be." Maybe, maybe not. "Reasonable" is a flexible term.

              Depending on the company you work for, $500 to $1000 for an office chair might be considered reasonable. $3000 to $4000 might not be. You might find that a $1000 chair might not do enough of what you need, still leaving you vulnerable to falling while transferring. A $4000 chair might be perfect for you but too expensive to be reasonable for your employer to buy. So there are many considerations if you're going to ask for a chair to be provided to you as a reasonable accommodation.

              You might consider having an evaluation with an occupational therapist to see how realistic your idea of transferring to an office chair really is if you're not able to get one of the $4000-level chairs. You can also ask to evaluated for a wheelchair to see if that would be a more realistic option, all things considered. A wheelchair in the $1000 range might be considered to be reasonable, and might be provided for you -- to use and leave at work only -- by your employer.


                Thank you very much everyone for providing great leads.
                I see hope by reading your responds to my post.

                I'm exploring every option you have suggested to me

                seems Vela Tango do the job but far beyond my budget
                I'm a remote worker , my employer is not fully aware of extend of my disability so prefer not to disclose more to my employer, I might candid myself for layoff along with bunch of other people whom let go here and there

                I ordered "safety casters" to see how it works (least cost solution, worth a try)

                and using power wheelchair as an office chair sounds very interesting (I never thought about it)
                I check with my insurance provider if I can get one

                honestly for regular use still prefer to use power scooter as long as possible since forces me to maintain some mobility and get muscles!! to work (don't want to give up on very little mobility that I still have )

                I welcome any other ideas you might have.

                I'm truly blessed for the support that I get from this forum whenever I hit the deadlock

                I'll keep you posted

                Thanks again.


                  Hello there! I think you should look for a regular office chair or for executive leather chair for your back pain other than ergonomic chair. Few days back, One of my friend has brought executive office chair from this site which proves to be great for his back pain. Also, he told me that the chair is more comfortable and adjustable for his home office. I think this information might help you.


                    I changed like 4 chairs so far. Same issue with all of them. After a few hours of sitting on it - strong pain, radiates to legs. But when working in the office, with the office chair - no pain
                    Problem is that the office chair is way too expensive to buy for home...