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    Bath/shower help

    Isn't there some type of board to use for getting in a shower/bathtub?

    Hi mssteff,

    I believe what you are asking about is a transfer board. They come in different lengths and longer isn't necessarily better, especially in the home. They can be found at any durable medical equipment supplier. You might be able to find one cheaper on line. They can be used when transferring from a wheelchair to a shower chair. I strongly recommend you are trained by an occupational therapist how use one first, it isn't safe to try one on your own.

    Other suggestions for a used one can be found here:

    Best wishes ,
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      For me personally, I have enough strength to stand and transfer from my wheelchair to a rolling shower chair and then I'm rolled into the shower.

      I've seen many different devices available on the internet, and I agree that a therapist can tell you exactly what you need for your condition.


        what are you transferring to? If it is to a bench or something very sturdy, you may be able to use a transfer board. When I used to use a shower chair it was not very sturdy and there is no way I can imagine using a transfer board to get onto it. Your best bet is to talk to a physical therapist and an occupational therapist for ideas. Best of luck.
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          Transfer Boards

          Thanks everyone for the great advice!
          I'll talk to my doctor & see a physical therapist.


            It's a Transfer 'Bench'


            I just recently became unable to get my leg over the tub & hesitated with what to do about it. I thought those Transfer Benches came far out in the bathroom & mine is pretty narrow, but it's great!!

            I got mine @ Amazon & it has 2 feet that go into the shower & 2 go out. You sit on it, lift your feet over then slide a bit & it is also your shower seat. It only comes maybe 6" over the tub (just enough room for the 2 legs that are outside the tub. It's a Godsend, really.

            Good luck!


            Originally posted by mssteff12345 View Post
            Thanks everyone for the great advice!
            I'll talk to my doctor & see a physical therapist.
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              transfer board

              I like this plastic one it is wider than the normal ones
              you just need things to be wet to aide in the transfer


                I'm so glad you are meeting with a physical therapist. Please ask your doctor if an occupational therapist may be a better fit. If cost becomes an issue; your city/county may have an Architectural Barriers department that may help, or some churches and other non-profit groups may also help with your needs.

                I have hurt myself falling out of the shower before and it's not fun. Your safety is the most important thing when selecting equipment. I hope to eventually have a full-ADA compliant bathroom with zero-threshold, roll-in shower, but that's not today. I use a shower bench where two legs are in the tub with large suction cups and two legs are outside the tub. I also have a couple of grab bars to help with positioning. I also use an adjustable slide bar for the shower head. This bar allows me to easily re-position the shower head high or low, and also articulate it out of the way. I hated taking showers for a number of years, but have really started to enjoy showers again.