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    Air purifers

    Thought this question would be best placed here

    I am looking into air purifiers to help around the house. As I have mentioned a few times, since moving into our home/condo 15 years ago, all three of us coincidently, or not, developed an autoimmune illness. Plus an asthmatic cat

    We have had an Ionic Breeze, but that is dying and come to find out it releases ozone (although it smells good, tis bad) anyways, so I am checking into other options. My husband is allergic to cats (we have 4, he takes Zyrtec); we also have a dog. Our condo is at ground level, partly below, so we are always surrounded by whatever is going on outside. We live 1/2 mile from an active stone quarry so our area is supposively more dusty.

    Our total SQFTage is only 840. The kitchen, living room, dining room and hallway are all open spaces. The one bedroom is 12x12 and the other is 12x9. I would like something, if they work and are safe, with a germicidal light.

    Any suggestions?
    DH - RRMS (DX 9/10/10), GERD, Asthma
    Me - RA, Sjogren's, Joint replacement queen
    DS - T1 Diabetes, Seizures, Asthma

    Actually, Shandi, your question would probably get more attention on the main forum than here. It's not really about nutrition or supplements.

    You could ask the moderators to move it for you.


      Bird feathers everywhere!

      I recently gave away my African Grey Parrot because I couldn't handle the attention it needed & wanted. I recently replaced mine & got a smaller one.

      It does a great job in the kitchen. Here is the description from Amazon - Product Description

      A great choice for smaller rooms up to 85 square feet in size, the compact Honeywell HEPAClean air purifier (model HHT-011) features a permanent HEPA-Type filter that captures up to 99 percent of microscopic particles such as mold spores, pollen, pet dander, smoke and dust. The filtered air then enters a built-in, separately controlled ionizer for added cleaning and freshening. The independently controlled ionizer releases negative ions into the air that passes through the HEPA-Type filter, and these negative ions attach themselves to very small airborne particles to form larger particles that are then more readily captured by the filter system. The 3-stage cleaning system is rounded out by a washable pre-filter. The HHT-011 HEPAClean air purifier also offers a nightlight feature that provides soft illumination, an illuminated control panel, and an electronic reminder to clean the filter.

      Product Description

      Honeywell Permanent HEPA-Type Tabletop Air Purifier is 99% efficient at reducing airborne particles such as dust, tobacco smoke, pollen, cat dander & mold spores from the air that passes through the filter.



        Not sure if you own or are renting? I have an Aprilaire whole house aircleaner on my furnace. It requires a change of filter once a year. I've had it for several years now, so the cost has evened out over the life of the equipment.

        You can call any local heating a/c place and get some info on the Aprilaire. Just seems to be a good long term investment if you own your home.



          No I'm renting. Just needed it to clean up bird feathers & dander in the kitchen where he was located.


            Quality air cleaners

            We recently purchased an air cleaner. It was not cheap, but I think it is a worthwhile purchase.

            Actually our comes with a companion cleaner which can be taken with you when you travel (not by plane of course) or put in other rooms on another floor of the house.

            Ours has a HEPA filter, an ozonator (only to be used when no one is home) and is so quiet it's hard to tell it's there.

            The entire set was $1600 dollars. I now have no dust in my house; haven't had to dust since I got it!

            There is nothing floating around in the air, etc.

            I have asthma so it helps me. The other thing we do regularly is run the blower on the furnace. It really helps to move air and I notice a difference.

            I'd research the various sets available. I don't 'sell' the one I have, so if you want to know what the name is just e-mail me. We were at a home demo for pots and pans and they just happened to sell this air purifier as well, so we took advantage of being in the 'right place at the right time' and bought one. We thought it was pricy, but were happy to be able to get one minus all the leg work.

            I like mine; I'm told the cheapy little desk top models are not the way to go, but honestly I don't know; never tried them.

            You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.


              I own, but will be moving (hopefully) within the next year. The household system sounds ideal when I get there

              Kelly - I had an African Grey too! He would bite the "you know what" out of me, try to attack me through the cage. He LOVED my friend though who loved him. They get along splendidly at HER house.

              We used to have a Honeywell. Never really paid attention to it as it was in our bedroom and we did not allow the cats in it it was hard to tell the effectiveness of it. I was looking at the Alpine systems because they are compact and look like speakers. Alpines have the ozone with it, however, you can turn that off.
              DH - RRMS (DX 9/10/10), GERD, Asthma
              Me - RA, Sjogren's, Joint replacement queen
              DS - T1 Diabetes, Seizures, Asthma


                I have a general electric room sized air cleaner that has performed well. It is used in my son's bedroom for extra air cleaning beyond what the whole house air cleaner does.

                This works for a room that can be closed, these smaller ones don't have the capacity for a large area really.